President's plans for 2018 and possible team reshuffle

Trump is expected to push for infrastructure spending in 2018 and says there will be no DACA deal without a border wall.
4:45 | 12/30/17

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Transcript for President's plans for 2018 and possible team reshuffle
president trump teeing off at one of his Florida golf clubs and getting ready to ring in the new year at mar-a-lago. Back at the white house it appears it will ring in a staff reshuffling. David Wright, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan and Paula. The president is clearly enjoying the holiday break but also gearing up for the battles ahead in the new year, not only are there some big issues he's hoping to tackle but the midterm electionses in 2018 and he needs to be at the top of his political game. This weekend brought a rare glimpse of the president teeing off. Trump has made more than 60 visits to golf courses he owns since he took the oath of office but the white house usually refuses to say if he actually picks up his clubs. On Friday, no such sensitivity. 17th hole and I think all of you were watching my shot, right? Did you see it? Reporter: As his first year in office wines to a close trump is already gearing up for 2018 including a reshuffle of his political team at the west wing. We need a Republican in the house. We need a Republican in the senate. Reporter: The white house is eager to avoid a midterm repeat of recent political debacles. In Alabama the president's first candidate -- Luther strange is our man. Reporter: Strange got defeated in the primaries by the more radical judge Roy Moore. Helped by trump's own former political mastermind Steve Bannon. Trump ended up jumping on the Moore bandwagon even after several women accused him of inappropriate conduct, even sexual assault. Get out and vote for Roy Moore. Reporter: Moore's ultimate defeat became a defeat for trump too. Some white house sources say the recent GOP losses in Alabama and in Virginia underscore the fact there is a hole left by Steve Bannon's departure. Bottom line, this is likely to be a reshuffle of folks that you've probably never heard of but we're talking key behind the scenes players heres, Josh Limon level of white house levels if you remember "The west wing" but this is a white house that's seen plenty of upheaval. 16 resignations and 7 firings so far and more expected in the new year, Dan and Paula. More reshuffling to come. Aaron Sorkin thanks you David, appreciate it. We want to move on and bring in Matthew dowd. Matthew, good morning to you. Good morning, Paula. So after the president's win on the tax bill he's expected to focus on infrastructure next which he says will fulfill another campaign promise rolling out a plan late next month saying this will be, quote, Matt, the easiest of all. In reality what kind of obstacles could he face? Well, I think he would be smart politically and for the country's sake if he did that, 80% of the country wants something done on infrastructure. The problem he has is that he's entering the midterm zone of the elections as David talked about and it's going to be very difficult to get Democrats on board because they have no incentive, 80, 85% of their base wants them to fight Donald Trump on everything and Republicans because they took a trillion dollars and increased the federal deficit to give tax cuts there is no money left over so it could be great politically, problems in both parties. Let me rank you about a tweet from the president within the past 4 hours. It reads in part the Democrats have been told and fully understand that there can be no DACA without the desperately needed wall at the southern border so how is this fight over the d.r.e.a.m.ers, what DACA refers to, how is this likely to go down when congress reconvenes and what does it mean for the young people whose loves are in limbo over all this? I'm going to bring up an album, a famous album by pink Floyd called "The wall" and two songs, one, "Is there anybody out there" and the other is "The thin ice" and I think in both cases they describe what Donald Trump face, one, is there anybody out there he's going to be able to get on this, again, he's got problems with Republicans on DACA and problems with Democrats willing to compromise in the midterm and so as the song says, he's going out on thin ice in this politically, I think it's going to be how he describes what the wall is. If he describes the wall as a fence, he's probably much more likely to get it done. If he keeps pushing the wall as he wall he talked about on the campaign I think it's very difficult for him to traverse that way. So a little homage to pink Floyd. You sent everybody under the age of 30 to Google. Matt, thank you very much. Thighing to give the millennials some credit. I think they know maybe a couple of them. My apologies to the millennials and my thanks to Matthew dowd.

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{"duration":"4:45","description":"Trump is expected to push for infrastructure spending in 2018 and says there will be no DACA deal without a border wall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52058181","title":"President's plans for 2018 and possible team reshuffle","url":"/GMA/video/presidents-plans-2018-team-reshuffle-52058181"}