Price Increase for EpiPens Causes Outrage

The "GMA" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
5:38 | 08/22/16

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Transcript for Price Increase for EpiPens Causes Outrage
Time now for the big board. Our team of insiders belief to talk about today's top stories. Dan Abrams at the desk with us. We'll get to you in ray minute. Let's begin with this huge price increase for epipens. Many families now saying they can't afford to pay for the life-saving medication because the cost is so high. Rebecca Jarvis tracking the story. This is an eye-popping increase. It is, George. 400%. That is the amount that the epipens have gone up in cost since 2008 and as a lot of families are getting ready to send their kids back to school they know the importance of those pens when they hit the classroom. This is an outrage. You have mylan pharmaceuticals, the company that creates the epipen that grbts it say they are workingessly to get access out there to all the families who need them. They also say that nearly 80% of the commercially insured patients using the epimen savings card received it for 0 dollars but the issue I'm hearing from a number of parents and doctors right now is that if you're uninsured or even if you are insured, you might not actually have access to that program. Rebecca, I mean, so many people calling this company vultures and what impact does it have on the company's bottom line? That's right, Amy. The person who called them vultures is martin Kelly, the poster child for bad behavior in that and the stock since this news came out about the 400% increase in prices it took a hit down 1 1/2% and a number of senators have said they'll start investigating the prices. That's never a good piece of news for a public company. All right, but maybe it might make a change for those families hoping for more a more affordable option. A former Navy S.E.A.L. Has agreed to pay the government nearly $7 million. Matthew Bissonnette reached the settlement with the department of justice over the best-selling book about the operation to kill Osama bin laden. Dan Abrams is here to talk about that so Bissonnette agreed to forfeit the royalties and speaking fees he made from the book. What do you make of it. This is a fight no one wanted. This guy is a true American hero. You're talking about you were LE heart, silver star, numerous bronze stars. He wasn't alleged to have disclosed classified information. What he was accused of was not allowing the government to vet his book and some of the slides for his speeches before he did it. Now, when you have access to sensitive information like that, that's one of the rules, right? You want to talk about this publicly, fine, but you have to get our authorization first. He didn't. And that's what this settlement relates to specifically the lack of vetting. He says he was wrongly advised that he didn't have to get this preclearance so is that why he was singled out by the government. We've seen a lot of books about this, et cetera, movies. The reason he was singled out was related to the vetting. It's not that the information was made public, it's that he didn't get permission to release

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"The \"GMA\" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41565179","title":"Price Increase for EpiPens Causes Outrage","url":"/GMA/video/price-increase-epipens-outrage-41565179"}