Prince George Prepped for Modern Royal Christening

Prince William, Kate Middleton prepare for the intimate event for the family.
3:07 | 09/29/13

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Transcript for Prince George Prepped for Modern Royal Christening
Well, we're going to turn now overseas, there's a new baby, you have heard of him, prince george. The fanfare around him isn't over quite yet. Britain is busily preparing for the newest royal christening. We're learning more details about the event being called an intimate affair. Abc's lamb ma hassan has the story. Reporter: Good morning to you, bianna, mark your diary, synchronize your watches, we have a date for that long-awaited christening for prince george. THE DATE, OCTOBER 23rd. The place, chapel royal at st. James' palace. The event, the royal christening of prince george alexander louis. William and kate break from tradition, picking a christening that hasn't hosted a christening. I think what's really nice all of the way through his relationship with kate, he has included his mother. This is the way of including him princess diana. Don't expect to attend this event. Typically private event. You can be feel included with the commemorative coin. This is the first time new coins have ever been produced for a royal christening in britain. And I think that really says everything about how big a moment this christening is for the country. Reporter: The baby will wear a replica of the christening gown made for queen victoria's eldest daughter. Expected to pose in a highly anticipated portrait including all three future heirs. It's the first time that a picture of this kind has been taken in more than 100 years and to have four generations of the royal family and the queen and three kings in waiting is a pretty special thing. As a betting nation, the bets are on who will take that important role of being god father and god mother. . In the lead, uncle harry and auntie pippa. All of those details will be revealed closer to the christening. The detail, what is kate going to wear? She always look fabulous. Ron and I have been taking bets on that. Ron is going with laven car. Car. Time now for the weather and here's ginger zee. Save me, ginger. Let's talk about the weather

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{"id":20410270,"title":"Prince George Prepped for Modern Royal Christening","duration":"3:07","description":"Prince William, Kate Middleton prepare for the intimate event for the family.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-george-prepped-modern-royal-christening-20410270","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}