Prince Harry Closes the Invictus Games

The prince, 31, bonded with veterans' service dogs and later gave a powerful finale speech.
1:33 | 05/13/16

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Transcript for Prince Harry Closes the Invictus Games
So he went big and we don't want him to go home. We maybe mentioned him once or twice talking about prince harry and want to show you, look at that picture. Prince harry with the service dogs stealing our hearts there. This is the close of the invictus games yesterday and he attended first the service dog swimming relay. So many of these wounded warriors who have competed have said they wouldn't be there. They wouldn't be alive if it weren't for their service dogs and then we saw prince harry out and about greeting grandma. Kissing babies, not running for presidents, but, maybe some people could hope. Is there all week? Yes, he was. He got there a few days ahead of time. I'm telling you, he is the same way when the cameras aren't on him. So genuine. His remarks at the closing ceremonies were incredible. We have a little bit of what he had to say to all of those who attended. You are all invictus. You are now ambassadors for the spirit of these games. Spread the word. Never stop fighting. And do all you can to lift up everyone around you. I'll see you in Toronto. Chills. Invictus means unconquered and that is the spirit of those games. So powerful. So many people giving their medals away like not getting gold to help push others along the finish line. It was so beautiful watching what happened at those games. From every single moment and closing ceremony and ESPN did a terrific job. The profiles they did on the true heroes.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"The prince, 31, bonded with veterans' service dogs and later gave a powerful finale speech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39089215","title":"Prince Harry Closes the Invictus Games","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-closes-invictus-games-39089215"}