Princes William and Harry Visit Memphis For Friend's Wedding

The royal brothers pay a trip to Graceland, enjoy BBQ prior to friend's joyous occasion.
3:00 | 05/03/14

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Transcript for Princes William and Harry Visit Memphis For Friend's Wedding
We're going to turn to prince William and harry, paying a visit to graceland, the home of the king, Elvis Presley. The Royals getting a private tour of the mansion while in Memphis this weekend for a friend's wedding. And Linzie Janis joins us with more. Good morning, Linzie. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. This is where that high-society event is due to unfold. The friend of princes William and harry, getting married right here, at the exclusive Memphis hunt and polo club. So private, this is as close as we can get. The festivities are well under way. And Memphis is laying on the southern charm. Sporting their own elvis-style shades, the heirs to the british throne were photographed paying their respects to the king. On a private tour of graceland. There are long lines to catch a glimpse of the princes. Paying their respects to the king. Thursday night, screaming fans, greeting the brothers as they arrived at the historic rendezvous restaurant, for some barbecue. I'll sit where prince William sat. The owner telling us, harry loved the cheese sausage advertisers. And letting us sample the ribs that William devoured. Just call them William and harry. Reporter: Really? The rare, private trip, all because of this guy. Pelly. Guy pelly, that is. One of their oldest and closest friends. Pelly is a London nightclub owner and notorious party animal. He is the court jester. He's the joker. He's one of the most notorious characters, as well, because of his profession. Reporter: He's marrying American royalty. Lizzie Wilson, once crowned the queen of the Memphis carnival, is also the granddaughter of the founder of holiday inn. The duke of Cambridge leaving behind Kate and baby George. And harry, fresh out of a breakup from his girlfriend of two years, stopping over in Miami Wednesday night. Perhaps to let off some steam. Here in Memphis, a local strip club, attempting to tempt harry. This time, could what happens in Memphis actually end up staying in Memphis? The princes are expected to be ushers in this ceremony today. That's reported to be followed by a costume party. Then, a brunch right back here tomorrow morning. Dan and bianna, the reports are that Kate declined her invitation because she didn't want to create an even bigger media circus and overshadow the couple's big day. Talk about stealing the spotlight from the couple. No one wants to hear about them. They want to know what the Royals are doing. And they're adjusting to America very well. Maybe harry will find a princess here. You never know. Bold move by that strip club, by the way. And bold for you eating those ribs on-air. They look good.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The royal brothers pay a trip to Graceland, enjoy BBQ prior to friend's joyous occasion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23576251","title":"Princes William and Harry Visit Memphis For Friend's Wedding","url":"/GMA/video/princes-william-harry-visit-memphis-friends-wedding-23576251"}