Priyanka Chopra Stars in 'Quantico'

The Hindi film star has made history as the first Indian actor to have a lead role in an American show.
4:43 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for Priyanka Chopra Stars in 'Quantico'
news, New York. So we called "Quantico," already making history as the first Indian actor to have a lead role on an American show and welcome to "Good morning America." Thank you very much. Super excited to be here. How does that sound to you to be making history as sort of -- I try not to think of it like that that I'm making history, I guess, because it feels really stressful and there have been so many incredible Indian actors who have come and done American TV and paved the way for me to do this but it's kind of cool. Yeah. Shows like "Black-ish" and "Scandal," a lot more diversity. I think if you look around you right now, the girl next door looks different. You can't say she looks a certain way and I think that's the best time to be in entertainment because it's global. So "Quantico," you play a rookie. A rookie and an agent. "Quantico" moves in two time soprano, one is in the present and the future. In the future I'm already an agent, grand central station blown up and because I'm the brown girl so I'm framed for it then there's the present in which I'm a rookie learning to be an FBI agent and they go together -- Sounds great. There's drama and there's sexiness and there's smarts and it's basically quintessential good TV. Let's see a little bit. Here you go. This is a mistake, you know. Stop crying, agent parish. Oh, my god, Miranda, what are you doing here. We have to get you out of here. Suspenseful. I'm excited about it. 50 S under your tiny belt. Almost 50 movies. I think -- 49 1/2. What made you decide to take the leap to television to U.S. Television? I think it was ABC actually. Kelly lee who is the vice president of ABC casting came to India to meet me. Wanted to do something with me. I just want to do a part that is ethnically -- I want to be cast for my merit. Ethnically ambiguous. That's the world today. Yes. Where we are going. And music videos, songs, music videos. You've worked with the likes of pit bull,, what's that experience been like. Amazing. I didn't have time between India and the movies I'm doing in India and now my TV show, I've been a bad mom to my music early but dying to go back in the studio working with and pit bull and it's amazing. You know what pit bull -- taught me to make a hit song even the Russians should be able to sing it so, boom, boom, boom. Asked you, do you think it's okay to touch a woman's baby bump without asking? 98% of you said, no. Only 2% said yes. Keep on voting on our website at on Yahoo! Where do you fall on this? I say no. I think especially with a stranger. My and makeup people do it all morning. They just hole on. I won't touch your belly. No one will be looking at us anyway because Lara is with -- Priyanka, yes. Never seen our crew so happy and so attentive. Thank you and that must be for me. No, it's for priyanka Chopra. Already an international film and music powerhouse now making her U.S. TV debut, conquering on a new ABC series C of your back and move, just move. It's all hips. It's all hips. So now you just look -- Shoot, shoot, shoot. There you go. That's bang, bang. Bang, bang, ladies and gentlemen. ? Another day ? I don't think these are traditional bollywood moves. Ginger. "Quantico," everybody, this woman is fantastic. The show premieres Sunday night

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"The Hindi film star has made history as the first Indian actor to have a lead role in an American show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34033153","title":"Priyanka Chopra Stars in 'Quantico'","url":"/GMA/video/priyanka-chopra-stars-quantico-34033153"}