Psychology Major at Columbia University Also Korean Pop Star

Sara Haines reports the top entertainment stories in the pop heat news index.
3:00 | 01/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Psychology Major at Columbia University Also Korean Pop Star
all right time for "pop news" and sara haines. Thanks, bianna. First up the korean pop star living in the u.S. As a real-hannah montana. This is a.J. By day a psychology major at columbia university and by night he is a member of youkiss, a multilingual pop sensation kind of like like the korean onedirection until now most of his college buddies had no idea about his double life. I wanted to be treated as a student more than a person rather than like a singer. The boys from youkiss currently on their first american tour produced by asian pop culture mnet america. I have a feeling once he goes big he won't be able to walk the campus. Imagine going to class when people are squealing going down the street. I had that. Come on. From professional singers to recreational ones that moment you get lost in a song and this little one knows exactly what I'm talking about. ♪ I will always want you I came in like a wrecking ball I never ever -- ah. Watch out, miley cyrus. This version of "wrecking ball" has become a viral hit. My favorite part is the fist pump. The conviction, yes. Complete conviction. Baby committed. Yes. Heartbreak. Account far warz" misery reveal. The character of chewbacca was inspired by george lucas' dog sitting up on the passenger seat of his car but this next photo could prove the real origins of chewy. Behoe behold. Perhaps the producer might consider a sidekick. How real does that look? It's awesome. I sent that picture to my wife and made it the screen saver. Not shocking coming from dan harris' wife. Is it a chewbacca or an ewok. Could be -- I'm sure there are online forums debating that heatedly as we speak. I'm sure you're right. Still a little guy. Finally the world's coolest toddler celebrate her second birthday in true tile. Beyonce and jay-z went all out renting the -- the juggle island bird tank at the zoo for blue ivy to party. The famous family had a pizza and salad lunch. We haven't heard if there was any birthday cake so make sure we have some blue ivy cake right now. Check it out. You know, I take my "pop news" very seriously and I'll take advantage of blue ivy. To wash down the pizza you had earlier. Happy birthday blue ivy. I feel like she was just born one minute ago. Every minute of that -- do we have a fork and knife for this? Oh. COME ON, de BLASIO. All of a sudden I'm going to start getting a lot of -- de BLASIO. Let's get right back. Sorry, your honor.

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{"id":21498479,"title":"Psychology Major at Columbia University Also Korean Pop Star","duration":"3:00","description":"Sara Haines reports the top entertainment stories in the pop heat news index.","url":"/GMA/video/psychology-major-columbia-university-korean-pop-star-21498479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}