Rahm Emanuel votes Hillary over Biden for 2016

Mayor of Chicago and Rep. Luis Gutierrez on immigration reform and 2016 politics.
5:31 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Rahm Emanuel votes Hillary over Biden for 2016
Hello and welcome to power players -- to model ABC news senior national correspondent and today. Old friends week but we're talking to some friends of mine from Chicago the mayor Chicago of course and -- -- Chicago TV shows that. And the congressman Luis to terrorists of course you've worked both from Obama and the clintons. -- -- four -- Hillary Clinton should she chooses to run. -- British cinema support -- what about the vice president. Joseph different -- he doesn't worthy of being considered because -- -- vice president -- senator has something else for. I just indicate where I stand -- that there's no doubt the vice president has been a tremendous vice president has a period experience. In this case so -- is former secretary of state senator former First Lady. Having worked with Hillary Clinton. What do you think she's considering what are the factors here -- about to be -- grandmother. And she cares about that and making sure you have the time and being a congressman being -- mayor. Being a president. Being a -- for president. Time is -- one of the commodities you have a lot where you when your life what's going I mean. Every -- week you face a reelection there's a question that you go looking yourself which -- -- from. Yes yes and a lot of work and every day she knows the biggest mistake he -- politics -- -- frustration has set. You're very good at understanding. How things work in congress in -- congressman yourself -- to an -- report that the we're innocent. What's gonna happen now. What do the Republicans think nationally and they survive without doing something -- immigrants from. -- -- simple answers no I think the and that quote unquote the leaders of the Republican Party know where the future is heading the current of history is heading. The problem is to get there the -- breaks that there. National elections you -- be a majority party. And be hostile -- how is it that whenever the Republican leadership. Brings it up. The word amnesty comes that come comes in the ceiling of the border how to they allow that to happen I think that they are gonna go through a transition. We're at some point and President Bush. To his credit was ahead of his party and they will get there is no longer a question of whether it's question -- and -- his -- expect look. -- -- Is within though the Republican Party despite. Right those who want to look immediately. At tomorrow. And and winning and preserving corporate tomorrow and those who want to be a national party. And I think when you hear Jeb Bush yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's -- it's it's it's so it's say it's an act of love it's an -- -- commitment to your family and other Republican leaders speak about immigration. They speak about it I don't want to question their motives in terms of where their heart is that thing many of them have their heart exactly. -- Rahm Emmanuel and I have our heart and that is to do well. And to make sure that people have a system that is fair. But as you're up. As you continue to be optimistic and the president continues to say there's going to be immigration reform people are being deported every day and and there is an up swell of anger. Among Latino population that could backfire on Democrats as well in fact now the Latino organizations are calling him the supporter in chief. So I met with the president last month. Every time I would raise the issue with president in the White House that they would say there's nothing we can do Louise we're not the dictator were not the king. You've got to pass the legislation going by and -- up forty that the Republicans if you wanted to think here what the president said when I met with a month ago I have instructed my secretary of Homeland Security. Secretary Johnson to -- -- all of the policy that. Different but more importantly if Republicans do not act. I assure that. That this president will act. In a huge. Very broad manner -- -- the end of the summer and -- you look at means that at least for all your optimism you know nothing's going to happen. The president is going to act in a very expensive and you let me -- of course -- -- inside and you know how this president works you'll really do it all absolutely. If congress doesn't act because certain issues are so urgent -- the nation's future. The president must act but he can't legalize them. You can stop their deportation put -- and -- they played the Republican Party they want to simply be a regional party a party of little cities and regions and abuse state. OK because that is your future Abraham Lincoln first Republican President George Bush 2004. Do you watch him he's -- -- -- -- -- Republican president for a long time. You've also instructed the police in your city or sanctuary not not not to not look to deportees were Sanctuary City. Every aspect my office entire city government. -- -- -- -- kids get their -- first kind of job experience it's open to dreamers we have the largest summer jobs program 22000 kids every dreamer. Can apply for those jobs we can. Do things and change kids who are aspiring which is why the parents of -- thinking to America to fully integrate into the American dream the thank you both. Congressman mayor appreciate -- thank you for joining us and power players I'm -- model. Follow us on Yahoo! and ABC.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"Mayor of Chicago and Rep. Luis Gutierrez on immigration reform and 2016 politics.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23709809","title":"Rahm Emanuel votes Hillary over Biden for 2016","url":"/GMA/video/rahm-emanuel-votes-hillary-biden-2016-23709809"}