Ray Rice, Girlfriend Kiss After Elevator Punch in New Video

Newly released video shows what happened after Rice punched his then-fiancee.
2:53 | 12/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ray Rice, Girlfriend Kiss After Elevator Punch in New Video
Strange twist there. An ABC news exclusive. Ray rice, the images of his hitting his then-fiance in the elevat elevator. It was a suspension from the NFL that was later overturned. But what happened after ward. How they ended up in handcuffs and even managed to share a kiss. Ron is back with more. ABC news had to get this 45-minute video released. What it shows, it shows what happened after ray rice KO'd his girlfriend. Couple in handcuffs and the unlikely twist to the story. It's the video ray rice did not want the public to see. Casino surveillance cameras capturing the emotional after math of the now infamous elevator altercation, in which he struck his then-fiance, now wife, Janay. And she and rice questioned by police and casino security. I made a huge mistake and want to own it. Reporter: Rice appears agitated. And Janay extends an arm to keep him away. For several minutes, she talks to a police officer. And suddenly overcome with emotion, he raises her hands to her face and appears to sob. This video was obtained exclusively by ABC news after a legal battle with rice's lawyers who wanted to prevent its release. Ray rice is trying to catch on with another NFL team. The last thing ray ric wants is for this story to bubble back up to the surface again. And it has. Reporter: At one point, rice is seen, his arms pinned behind him by handcuffs, seated in the background. They are taken away. Both now in handcuffs. They enter what appeared to be the same elevator they had battled an hour earlier. And astonishing, they kiss. This is proof of what the rices have been telling us, they love each other. Taken outside, they are driven away for booking in separate police cars. Both charged with assault. I regret the role in that incident a this night. Janay's charges were dropped, and ray rice pleaded not dwguilty and sent to pre-trial intervention. It's unlikely any team will sign him. But he's rehabilitating himself this week, appearing at a charity event for children. Calling what happened a horrible mistake and asking for a second chance. Ryan, I have to ask you, likelihood coming back next year? It's tough. He's got to show that his image is different. Never know. New season, new beginning. Just two weeks left, he is eyeing next season. Not to mention fantasy football season. Many of us who drafted Adrian Peterson which was not a good choice. Me too. All right. Go to Miami, we have a

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Newly released video shows what happened after Rice punched his then-fiancee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27734970","title":"Ray Rice, Girlfriend Kiss After Elevator Punch in New Video","url":"/GMA/video/ray-rice-girlfriend-kiss-elevator-punch-video-27734970"}