The Real-Life Heroes Behind The '13 Hours' Benghazi Attack

Michael Bay and the heroes of the Benghazi attack discuss the new film "13 Hours."
2:46 | 01/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Real-Life Heroes Behind The '13 Hours' Benghazi Attack
To 13 hours, the new film about the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in benghazi inspired by real life events. The real heros are speaking out. "Nightline" anchor juju Chang has their story. Reporter: It has all the makings of a Hollywood tale. Unsung heroism, bravery, honor. But 13 hours, untold version of events in benghazi sparking fresh controversy. Someone who lies to the families of those four victims in benghazi can never be president of the United States. She proved in that 11 hour benghazi hearing she could stand her ground. But director Michael bay known for killer transformers and arm ged don isn't surprised. It's turned into a political hot potato. Why did you want to pick that up? Because there was a great human story underneath it. This was a heroic night. Really heroic. No one knew that. None of you have to go. But we are the only help they have. With you knew that to get out we were going to have to depend on each other and simple. I mean, kill them before they kill you. Mark geist known as oz and John Teigen worth three of six elite former commandos who volunteered to mount a rescue operation when terrorists attacked the diplomatic residence a mile away from their secret cia base. A lot of people misunderstand contractors. They think they're out for money. We are going to give our life for others if you need us to do it. A lot of Hillary Clinton's enemies hold her accountable. Do you hold her accountable? No. I hold accountable who attacked them. Led by John, 13 hours is the account of the battle which killed four Americans including Christopher Stevens. The cia calls the claims a distortion of events and people. Most important thing that I hope people are surprised by is how little if any politics are involved in the movie because we had the luxury of all the politics came after this night. So when these guys were trying to survive and trying to save people there were no hearings, e-mails, opinions. To take on the physically demanded rokri zinsky went from 26% body fat to just 5% in four months. Do you see yourself as an action star now? I've always seen myself. No. I'm just kidding. Getting in the shape and doing these things are definitely unlike anything I ever thought I would be doing. For "Good morning America" juju Chang ABC news, Dallas.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Michael Bay and the heroes of the Benghazi attack discuss the new film \"13 Hours.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36355886","title":"The Real-Life Heroes Behind The '13 Hours' Benghazi Attack","url":"/GMA/video/real-life-heroes-13-hours-benghazi-attack-36355886"}