Real-Life 'Philomena' Gets Audience with Pope Francis

Woman behind hit movie meets head of church that forced her to give up baby.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Real-Life 'Philomena' Gets Audience with Pope Francis
I am very -- -- me to. You will say this moment we'll France's greeting -- Meena Lee in Saint Peter's Square this morning. It has been more than fifty years in the making as the two locked has both committed Catholics. Trying to reconcile one dark chapter in the church's history -- our proposal. There we were right there. Kilometers real story in her journey now an Oscar nominated film I -- what happened to be paid to wait for fifteen years. This latest chapter started 48 hours ago. Her daughter -- and the movie's writer and co stars Steve Coogan as they made their way to Rome at the invitation of the Vatican. -- -- Her mission to find closure for herself. And help explain why 60000. Children. Including her own son we're taking from there on with Irish mothers and sent by the Catholic Church to be adopted. Many by US families often for a price. The movie tells the story of did not need eighteen year old -- -- who lost her mother at six and then became a mother herself long before she was ready. Did you take your knickers -- -- assistant current teacher. It's good to know what -- was of course if you -- shouldn't. Supply and tell him my life continued. When she said you're going to have a baby that. I didn't know how -- -- it was going to come you know. That's you literally didn't know how you will then deliver debate now home. For families general way to have the baby for mothers and it was a very bad person to preach I. -- that much. Mainly in the. An arms who's going to no medicine no had smoked. Never had medicines you just -- on with the -- a nuisance to him. But is that what you told. What's up and -- -- they couldn't send us. After -- it can't be happy for for use English to be safe streets particularly. With a miserable job. As it tests but and we just got on with that because -- -- would. -- commissions and very grievous and having a baby out with falcons moving so signed papers says that would allow him to speak out. I may not know the extent where this could -- please tell us get us Kenyon. Find it's his job outside where we can take the -- no you can't just -- statehood -- -- -- -- And that is what happened. One of the film's most heart wrenching scenes without letting her say goodbye. -- watches helplessly as her son is adopted and taken to America. When complicated. Problems and -- this you know just put and that could face broken -- about the com. Steve Coogan read an article about -- -- and the self described lapsed Catholic. Decided to try to turn her story into a film. The stories -- from moving deeply moving and tragic it made me angry and made me cry. -- -- -- -- As for the casting -- dame Judi Dench. Is that -- did have been excellent things ways whoever you -- that looks and -- -- is that right. There was that it had not. -- 43 scenes in the film while there's very -- dialogue is just on. -- -- And it's all about us. How full time private pain and it's very powerful when he couldn't pull off going so that's great charisma you write this story. Coogan ended up starting running well playing a journalist who helped to mean and her son her faith. Throughout. It's of them -- aspect of the film the character you play the journalist is very cynical and skeptical island sometimes even funny about all of it I think she -- it thinks what happened to her was wrong. But she's she's not there would hate it. Tuition has quote so residency and a grace. But I don't have seem like she's. Submitted that -- she's got an ordinary women some resident and -- They -- two he learns from her demons from continued faith. Did you feel if you have a point of view through. Live down machine -- -- -- -- just take it didn't I didn't and previous as soon had -- chance. Years and years and years this but I think I -- thing. The shares his secret for so long without telling my -- my son. It to fifteen years. Fifty years and I think there's so many women same situation -- me. So you what you. In -- late sixties before you told your own thing I was hitting -- percent BitTorrent. So is the desire find it in some Zelaya was desperate to find -- That's I've ever really wanted. Despite all the nuns took away from her fill -- mean refuses to hate. Going through -- so. I mean can you got us thinking you've got hit just thinking. -- just -- another expert event possible today. Film was screened at the Vatican. Part of the bush but don't need -- project open adoption records in Ireland and I think. I think -- -- -- -- left at the -- well I think I'll sit on the message and not to patent and much it. Did not -- -- -- -- its closest personal advisors -- seen regularly on -- archer of Buenos Aires. Standing next of France's when he was elected Pope. Is your presence here today a signal from the from the church -- cookbook this Pope. You know and here you see the Pope didn't intervening in some way to make of records -- -- you do think so. To open the records and shed light would be a sea change for tens of thousands of mothers and children trying to find one another. Like feeling mean and her son who the nuns refused to help. Openness would also be yet another indication. This Pope -- healing. So we're here that ultimately. Screened the film -- posed by emotion. And this there's a very big test the church to do this -- times -- teams coming down case. That he was there emotionally she's again you know there are things that are angry leaving so I think given me listening. -- whole life trying to find. Sometimes a film can open hearts and minds in a way nothing else can and sometimes 181 year old woman's story can change the world. For Nightline I'm Cynthia McFadden in Vatican City.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Woman behind hit movie meets head of church that forced her to give up baby.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22389688","title":"Real-Life 'Philomena' Gets Audience with Pope Francis","url":"/GMA/video/real-life-philomena-audience-pope-francis-22389688"}