Reese Witherspoon Co-Stars With Sofia Vergara in New Comedy

Witherspoon plays an uptight police officer assigned to protect a drug boss' wife in "Hot Pursuit."
3:08 | 05/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reese Witherspoon Co-Stars With Sofia Vergara in New Comedy
? you got that -- Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon joins forces with Sofia Vergara in the new comedy "Hot pursuit." Take a look. You have to Tay here till backup arrives. I am a sitting goose out here. Come back. I am warning you. I did not want to have to do this. You're forcing me to take extreme measures. It is my mission to protect you. It is my mission to get you by Dallas by 8 A.M. It is such a funny movie. Reese Witherspoon here with us now. Welcome. Hi. You and Sofia never worked together before but did you click instantly. I mean, we did. I was such a huge fan of her on "Modern family." When I got to sit with her and started talking about what movie we wanted to make I was so charmed by her. These adjushe's just as lovely as she looks on TV. I understand though there were a lot of crazy stunts in this movie. Did you each injure each other? Oh, my gosh. We had fight scenes and, yeah, she would throw me around the room and I ended up in the emergency room one night but -- did somebody shake you really hard because -- and I said, yes, Sofia Vergara. Must have been fun. At least you had fun being injured. There's a lot of physical comedy including how you look. Channeling your inner Justin Bieber -- Sofia called it Jose Bieber. I have to dress like Jose Bieber to get into it. It's silly. One of those funny movies we got to do all this fun comedy. She and I were laughing the entire movie. I was laughing. Kind of like Lucy and Ethel the whole time. Yes, that's a very good example. You guys were amazing together and I want to talk about the girl power in this film because obviously you and Sofia, you have a female director a part of your initiative. Why is it so important to you to make sure women are making movie, starring in movie, writing movies. Yeah, I mean I just looked around three years ago and just didn't see a lot of strong female roles so started a company to produce more movies -- It's done pretty well. We did "Gone girl" and "Wild" and this is our third film. I have a daughter almost 16 and it's so important she has -- ceecees herself on screen and little girls out there like her that want to see themselves, you know. I'm really excited for Sofia and the latin-american audience, loves movies and I'm so excited to have her as a role model out there, you know, starring in movies. You're certainly a role model as well. Happy early mother's day. In thank you so much. Plans? I'm hosting "Saturday night live" on Saturday night. Wow! I'm so excited. A little something. Then my kids are coming and, you know, I'm expecting breakfast in bed, okay. I tell them all the time. Have you thought of my mother's day gift? I was your first friend. Remember that. Very good indeed. Reese, thank you so much for joining us. The movie is great. "Hot pursuit" in theaters this Friday.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Witherspoon plays an uptight police officer assigned to protect a drug boss' wife in \"Hot Pursuit.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30784421","title":"Reese Witherspoon Co-Stars With Sofia Vergara in New Comedy","url":"/GMA/video/reese-witherspoon-stars-sofia-vergara-comedy-30784421"}