TV's Robb Stark Find's New Home on 'Klondike'

The "Game of Thrones" star Richard Madden talks about his new gold rush mini-series.
3:00 | 01/17/14

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Transcript for TV's Robb Stark Find's New Home on 'Klondike'
Test Text1 plain A hundred years ago, a thousand years ago there was a lapdslide that covered the kreeng and water has been pulling gold out of the hillside. These would be a stop for a lot of them. Gold is is right here in this common spot. She's us the light of day. We're all just guessing. Ah, fans of "game of thrones" know him as robb stark. Now you see richard madden starring on "klondike" and, richard, I told you before I'll try not to call you robb because that's how I know you. A new venture for you and interesting because when you read about what it is, epic tale of these -- of these gold diggers trying to survive and find wealth, not that far off actually from what was happening on "game of thrones." Well, that's the thing. These dramas are very different but stages are the same. They couldn't be any higher. There's life and death up there. There's no law and if you don't have gold, you die. You starve to death. You freeze to death. So the dangers are all still there. You just die in a different way, not by the sword but perhaps by mother nature. Nature will kill you in this place. When you were shooting this it was so cold I read you actually got fastbite. I did actually get frostbite. I nearly died genuinely a couple of times. What was it like under those types of temperatures? Where were you filming, in canada. We were in alberta, kana and steered away from using cgi. When we're on the top of the mountains and in the rapids i was in category 4 rapids and it's exciting but terrifying. Try to convince yourself there's a studio when you're in this environment in order to get through it but it's not. It is a gorgeous in terms of just looking at the cinematography and so happy to see you back on the screen. So upset you're not going to be in the next series of "game of thrones" but a girl can wish "clondike" airs january 21st and 22nd on discovery. Richard madden, thank you very much for being here this morning in thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Game of Thrones\" star Richard Madden talks about his new gold rush mini-series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21570373","title":"TV's Robb Stark Find's New Home on 'Klondike'","url":"/GMA/video/richard-madden-interview-rob-stark-actor-finds-home-21570373"}