Rob Gronkowski explains new 3D emoji app

Mojiit lets you record and send life-size animated avatars to friends.
2:49 | 11/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rob Gronkowski explains new 3D emoji app
Gronk digs the music. Yeah, communicating with your friends ready to move to a new level. Emoji-it allows you to record a 3D animation to your friends in augmented reality. Now, I'm confused to. Here to explain it is Jeremy Greene and new England patriots star rob Gronkowski. Gronk in the house. How are you doing. I didn't realize you were a tech guru. You know it. For the record it's a bye week so you are on an off day. Jeremy, let's tart with you. Tell me about the app. I know you're about to launch it in a month. So, the app is more like a person to person message. If you could send a message back and forth with your personalized avatar you can customize from your shoes and hat. It can look like you and I send you a message, how is it going, once you get it you'll receive it and then I'll rise up the floor and send messages back and forth. Do we have the capable to demo it. I'm on "Good morning America." Yes, you are. As you can see. $- Cool. So that's you but not you in an augmented reality. Yeah, exactly. You've been playing with this. We've been playing with it. It's super cool. You get to express yourself and build your character and put on the shoes you want, the clothing you want. Building my character yesterday making jokes about my size 16 shoe and trying to fit it on the screen. He's size 16 so trying to like augment that is like crazy. Yes. It was. So is that why you got involved with the project. How did you get started with it. Jeremy and I, we have a mutual friend. Rocka-flocka. Pretty wild but we are colabbing together. I'm always creating avatars with my friend. We're always communicating through group texts so when he brought this to my attention it was something that I enjoy doing. Get to build my own character. Get to express myself. Build how I want my character then you send it to your friends where you can send it to them in avatar and speak your voice to them again give the expressions you want. And do body movements. Super dupe. You're super dope in the end zone. NFL loosening the rules now. Is the Gronk spike going to come back, some new dance moves. It's been back all year, but, yes, they've loosened up the rules with the celebrations and they're pretty cool. You're seeing a lot of guys doing a lot of cool celebrations like the guy jumping into the stands for the jets and see him watching the game in the front row so it's cool to see that and possibly down the future we'll have to whip up some touchdown dances too. And bring the phone out there. And send it to your friends.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Mojiit lets you record and send life-size animated avatars to friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50928426","title":"Rob Gronkowski explains new 3D emoji app","url":"/GMA/video/rob-gronkowski-explains-3d-emoji-app-50928426"}