Sam Champion's Excellent 'GMA' Adventures Over the Years

'GMA' anchors take a fun stroll down memory lane through Sam's 25 years with ABC.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Sam Champion's Excellent 'GMA' Adventures Over the Years
Test Text1 plain Sam, sending you lots of love from las vegas. I will miss your sparkling blue eyes every morning. Remind people, over the years -- you're very proud of yourself. That's britney spears. After seven years here on this little program, "good morning america," 25 years here in the new york market. In fact, good friends at wabc, liz cho, bill ritter, lee goldberg, all here because we've been having fun. But your award-winning coverage when it came to superstorm sandy and other storms like that. We've had the wacky moments we saw on "play of the day" and that. We thought we would take another stroll down memory lane because you are a renaissance man. I can barely look at you right now, sam. You encompass all that is good and right in this world. And you show us each and every day when you show up here. Sam, this is your life, on "gma." That's the weather around the nation. Here's what you can expect this morning. Right now, sam champion of wabc here in new york city, is filling in for spencer christian this week. And he has the national weather forecast for us. It's good to have you here. Thank you. It's good to be here. We have a lot of wind and rain from the storm. Also, flooding. Over here, water from the gulf. Over here, water from the bay. And you can imagine what they're doing to those fires that are out there in the hills that have been roaring all night long behind us. Water keeps going up so fast, we have a levee leak early this morning. Imagine getting a 2:00 a.M. Phone call saying to get out of your home. This, critics say, is what bp does not want you to see. Oil and chemical dispersant swirling together in a toxic soup. Over the weekend, 70 tornadoes in 70 states. But what happened here in joplin is the worst. The hudson river is that way. We tried to get out down south. Don't know how much water is here on west street and chambers. But cars haven't been able to get through. Let me just set the scene for you. We are at the foothills of the rockies. All of that water rushing out of the mountains, all that heavy rain rushes right through here. And it cuts right through boulder. This is the only structure standing in this community. It was mobile homes behind me. And if you look at it now, it's basically shattered debris. Woo. We wanted to get you as close to polar ice as we could for this broadcast. And that journey took us all the way to the top of the world in iceland. We're actually in alaska, at the national wildlife refuge. Look around at the scenery here. This is a one-armed push-up. That's amazing. Look how easily I can tumble and be spun around. Diving down, I got a firsthand look at the extreme pressurized for humans habitat. It's unbelievable. I feel I should be turning around and turning around. Ere are 2,000 fish around me. 100 different species. And living coral right there behind us. This is the first time I've done weather underwater, literally. That's the weather around the nation. Your local forecast is just 30 seconds away. Look at this shrimp on a treadmill. Shrimp on a treadmill? That's the worst intro I've ever had. George? George? Is this it? I don't know how that works. But imagine this. Here's the eastern shoreline right here. Sam. Sam. Sam. I know you were a teen model. I was a teen model. Just saying. I was a teen model. The holiday sweater. Samuel j. Champion. Oh, hello. Harry potter? No. Henry. Henry potter. I'm veronica corningstone. Going cassette to 8-track. That was a bad idea. Right. Left. Milk, please. I don't want to ask twice. Love you, sam. ♪ I love you guys, more than i can express. I've had the extreme joy that i don't think very many people will ever know of working with your friends and your family. This will always be my home. sam, that's who you are. I said this to you often times. You're so quick. You're the best to work with. You can throw -- we can throw anything, and we often did, at you. And you'd hit it out of the park. And people are saying, how can we be celebrating? It's because of the love. And the fact that, yeah, we're sad to see you go. But we're so happyor you in this next chapter that you're embarking on. And a great, new adventure. We already miss you. And you seem so excited about this, as well. It is something that people will go through in their life when you want to stay. You want to. There's an opportunity that says, you have to take it. And I'm not going to leave you guys. I'm not going to leave you. And by the way, the tape that you just saw, darcie. Thank you. It's a dream job. It really has been. Every time you saw me doing something that looked wacky or dangerous or I shouldn't be doing that, this is the producer that made it all happen. And anything that I do that's smart or good, darcie is the one who had something to do with it. Great, guys. I just want to say thank you because it's been a gift each and every day to work with you, sam. And a lot of people talked about our bromance. And for me, it was just a friendship. There's happy on the inside. But the tears -- oh. I'm going to miss you. And you are the best live broadcaster I've ever worked with. And thank you. Thank you for giving the gift to us and to everybody at home every day. Yeah. Thank you. We love you. We love this guy. You're always going to be -- we wish you the best. We love that smile. And keep doing what you do, big guy. This is a lot harder than i thought it was going to be.

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{"id":21093300,"title":"Sam Champion's Excellent 'GMA' Adventures Over the Years","duration":"3:00","description":"'GMA' anchors take a fun stroll down memory lane through Sam's 25 years with ABC.","url":"/GMA/video/sam-champions-excellent-gma-adventures-years-21093300","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}