Teacher Fired Because of Ex-Husband's Violent Past

Worried the students were at risk, a Catholic school fired Carie Charlesworth.
4:18 | 06/14/13

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Transcript for Teacher Fired Because of Ex-Husband's Violent Past
-- in grade school teacher fired for her ex husband's actions she is. A victim of domestic violence and the school says her ex husband's criminal behavior makes it too dangerous to have her around. Those children ABC's -- Davis is here. With her still -- good morning Lindsey good morning Robin carry Charles -- life has been turned upside down first by her ex husband. And now -- -- school where her children attended and she taught but the schools says they terminated her her own safety. And well being of the children enrolled at the school. Kerry Charles -- to devoted mother of four and dedicated school -- in the Roman Catholic diocese of San Diego for fourteen years he might even call us. -- -- -- But this morning Charles Werth is out of a job and her children -- -- banned from attending the school. All charles' work says not because of something she did but because of her ex husband I have four kids I didn't -- BS statistic. Charles north divorced her husband two years ago -- got a restraining order because he was physically abusive. Last January charles' words -- showed up in holy trinity is parking lot. The school went into lockdown the next day it could Charles -- and her children on indefinite leave I don't. Every -- that they talent victim of domestic violence to deal and yet. I still got punished because he. Made the choice to -- to school that to. The diocese says it won't -- -- Charles -- its contract expressing concern about student safety. The diocese says Charles -- X has a quote twenty plus year history of abuse and harassment directed not just at her but it other woman. And that her restraining order was quote not a deterrent to him. I paid the ultimate price -- -- losing my job my children lost their -- They didn't get to take a -- to their friends. I wonder could they have relocated her -- another facility. Could they have worked with her to keep that location confidential so that they abused -- wouldn't find her there. Charles -- and her lawyers say they're exploring options -- possible lawsuit against the San Diego diocese I have my good days and my bad days days right just. I don't know what I'm gonna do I have four kids take -- Not only one. Charles -- has not yet filed -- since part of -- lesson plan was teaching religion she was technically considered a minister of the church and there is a ministerial exception. Which stipulates she can be fired without cause -- Palin to thank you -- -- Dan Abrams about that our legal analyst the first stand there there are ballot arguments on both sides. Of this debate what what do you make of this case and could. -- the outraged. By this case the notion that this perpetrators. Now has an additional school in his arsenal to terrorize her and her family is outrageous and it doesn't just apply to her. This applies to domestic violence victims around the country. The notion that the -- -- gets to control. Because hey he can he keep showing up great I'll get her -- that's another -- can terrorize we have got to figure out. A better way to deal with these things rather than firing the person. Now we heard there and in the peace a woman talking about the -- relocation confidentiality could put her on leave. -- there are other options here but the idea that you're keeping her kids out of that school and firing her can not be the solution. We also heard from Wednesday because of the Catholic school because what she was teaching the question is -- you have. This lawsuit that she's probably does have any chance here it's going to be tough lawsuit I mean that you she's she's allowed to. Ask for time under California law to -- deal with this issue in the courts. But she is not protected as is the case in a very few states from being fired based on being a victim of domestic violence there is a -- bill pending in California that would protect. Victims from the debate of domestic violence. From this sort of action but that's not the case currently in California so it's going to be an uphill battle and -- live what's that you can't fault the parents either I mean the parents are concerned about their I'd get it I get oil these parents are upset I get -- they don't want this guy at their school. But we've got to be able to figure something out here. That has to be further discussion about this story to have to -- much.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Worried the students were at risk, a Catholic school fired Carie Charlesworth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19400958","title":"Teacher Fired Because of Ex-Husband's Violent Past","url":"/GMA/video/san-diego-teacher-fired-husbands-violent-crimal-past-19400958"}