Sandra Bullock Almost Didn't Make 'Gravity'

Citing a need to be near her son, the actress had to be convinced, says Bullock and director Alfonso Cuaron.
12:42 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Sandra Bullock Almost Didn't Make 'Gravity'
Mission specialist right now and I am. Anyone. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie out there right now on that I don't know it makes me laugh when it shouldn't it just makes me laugh because. It's so good. It's not a comedy it's something that gets you into space and then loses you there and these two people are responsible -- Sandra Bullock Alphonse Karr. And yes my work is done she -- yet -- I want to ask before this weekend said that up we know that your space we know the -- your characters never been there before. And that George -- -- floating around there that's what people know that crap. When they come up to me and -- that's that's it is that Providence and -- to follow up with George in space. Is that what really happens in this movie until they need to know more sense now to use we begin to tell them that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who could doing his -- I'm going to and from all. The ruthlessly. The so well that's in principled yet that's what you're talking about these very accurate. You figure accurately. Let's I think that it actually I -- it really is a better I don't think it's accurate at all since you don't fall -- with church -- -- -- that's yeah. Anything from Clinton -- he can't get certificate why did you leave that. Watermelon not end that the -- easy way that I think we're so used to and everyone would expect. Any woman not to -- -- -- -- planning but I think the essence of love. In this film is is much bigger. Love for fellow human being that the gift of love that he actually -- Outweighs anything that you would want to see I mean with George or any other woman. In a movie which -- very mysterious. She's not giving too much trying to try. You begin this movie with what is -- 1213 minute sequence that just seems to be flowing to lose this. You people out there those who went -- space there. Shouldn't they Stevenson. And IMAX screening and in this 3-D that's there I mean that's. I wouldn't be waiting to watch the -- I am. I think that would be used by -- -- -- experience the -- he's -- spears of these feelings towards it in I Max for a big screen. -- -- scoring we'd. Dolby most that is from fasting and sound sees them. Ed because then audience will be transport. I mean the whole idea is that with what we wanted to make -- audiences feel that are floating this. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sound -- starts outside. Images on the other side of theater or no sound or no -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- To take it technical aspect out of it is just think enhances and I know it enhances its emotional story that -- and Hamas meant to tell. What I want to recreate here in this room. Is that first conversation that conversation in which he sat down with phones and he persuaded them. By how many -- this is -- I don't know but persuaded you to do this but at the Panama. And -- son I when -- he's gonna say to -- gonna put to in this but. No actually what he said was an adequate -- and vomit comet. As the plane -- out of the sky and achieve the weightlessness which I'm I'm deathly afraid of line. So that's perfectly with the president I want this -- late tonight and that he did not say that at first which is if this had no but I think that that. First conversation. Because she was so nice and polite never met her before -- was -- money. With the guerrillas were in the that she didn't unions -- when word. -- -- -- -- -- -- It hit the and that's exactly would have been very -- have a really different. I don't insiders and it's -- -- -- is that President Clinton is. A place. We George Clooney. -- -- I wanted to -- that would send the ship registry of the chetniks -- the shooting went to work. That she was thinking -- that. He's always I think a really good opener is that I do not want them and watch -- even more water really -- -- her in more than just. -- didn't want to. Missed time with my son so they made it so it was a big family. Affair it was you know it was always about you know everyone's comfort. His comfort my comfort can you be there all the time -- I have the time. And and they they gave me that to the minute they gave me that I knew that it would be okay for me to take this unknown hunt. Police film with just -- huge. -- why is it about center's work or was it that he saw on that said. I once heard him play this role. -- Look would -- it was at the first miscues Indiana. Because he might in his second -- -- -- tanks. I think I showed some gaps that I wasn't able to stone first I'm -- doesn't -- when in the you know or do you learn who I think I'm gorgeous yeah in the -- -- -- -- that doesn't get I don't get to say that the George. With the lack of that the lack of that the loneliness I felt and then the headgear of the Vegas -- -- -- -- -- my -- What it was about your period the blank slate and her that's hair if you just can't and the -- alliance not the performance was not at eglin air and here I'm data from this. You know -- that you didn't is that here at all her and her right to her was hired on there. It. It was very clear that. These -- the we have a character that he's isolated and space. I and we have very little dialogue we have very little back story we have and he's a very simple -- -- narrative. And whoever was going to -- he's got to -- someone who. Would be generous. With the current minority -- because that bat -- the current they have to project so much we've. Very legal and that so it was about trying to firing. An -- of who -- pet can have that that general should get some time that had. This Texas a immediate like -- immunity to the audience. You know you you you don't you you can afford and -- -- only these two both of who. The two. -- fielder's you have to go directly into the so. And that's -- -- -- sound sound and everything that she does it doesn't matter that tone this an emotional Californians to vote. You know and even if it's phony or if it's -- these instant matters to sentence at the usefulness there. So no pressure at all it's basically. You're alone and we're gonna put this camera on you relentlessly. I said it I -- know that has -- I thank I didn't feel at all that I would be alone because it was more about you know my. Admiration and on his body work it was. It was his story was that movie what was the -- -- into Birmingham and enemies of this whole sex thing that you're just that -- love any sex thing anything that's got sexson and so committed -- -- princess she doesn't even try to vote that went about a little princess right at it there's a hole in the thing is every time he made a movie. I -- ask myself how did he do that not that it was highly technical but that. Was able to show -- -- -- emotion that I did not expect and I had not felt and and it's not found but the last movie -- it did before this children and think one of the great. Split it not. Eulogy with hope yet. Oddly enough gravity does it test appointments. -- It's easy did you just -- -- I just hear him -- -- and faster when you're here. -- that was his store in that gravity is I think -- -- but that's. His story of finding I think and I'm reading into -- that's -- -- way of expressing how you found that Julian. -- -- it's some it was clear that when we were writing that the discreetly -- and and I. I was going through a period of big universities and and in many ways if you only was it was the -- it was a proposal tried to make sense of them. You know on and I'm hoping that there is like a good outcome that in that case of the few minutes these -- rebirth of new knowledge. And yeah that was the thing and how I know that everybody's talking so much about how -- and we do these individually fates and stuff. Two of the matter is that all of that. It's great. But the coral full of that holds everything two -- is sound -- performance that's the. That's pressure. On you know eight yeah -- panic every single day that I walk on a -- that I'm not gonna be able to deliver I panic all the time and I'm not going to be able to get to where need to go. This place he just. I panicked every day in my get emotionally be able to tap into something because I didn't have the tools -- didn't have a human being I didn't have the surrounding I didn't have a -- Had to move my body of 30% the whole time you know in. -- -- It's news it's about 30% is though they sit imagine as though you're pushing against balloons pushing against completed got tie your body moves through space and that's the sensation I -- through -- So everyday I had that panic every day I was you know. In that horrible actors place I'm not going to be able to get to that in motion picture to began coming to be told to start with my hand here. And -- my hand here there was nothing organic. And I wanted to kill myself and everyone else involved on a daily basis not literally. Into this thing. I think that -- every actor feels that you do a comedy film but you had just won an Academy Award. Doesn't that do something for English yes yet I thought -- announced it should. I was not in a place -- was able to appreciate that moment and was not able to see it yet as something that but everyone should and you know appreciate about it. And I think maybe that's probably what what led me to -- he stepped into the world's and just commit to that moment. I couldn't fail because I was with him. I just didn't -- -- fail him -- -- gotten my moment in in being in his in his world of work. Which had to restrain -- I just didn't want to -- Until it makes me really happy because critics usually. You guys have a war when you make a movie that's what it is -- tobacco. And our job as critics is to come in and it doesn't really work horse -- come -- after the war's over and shoot the wounded yet in this case that. Never happens this is just a great moment that you have you have Sandra. And George been -- And -- on an Arab view if you give about review today and any of them is like in particular should limit the patent. All three. Is even -- -- collected -- Conrad's view toward. Give you -- -- need. I think -- -- ticket negative the real. That one I -- -- it really gave you a fake one. They know that never got a thing -- replacement until maybe they took it back in reconsidered their vote they went -- what -- that actually was. And she's got that that she's fabulous. Gravity is fabulous sanctity of thank you that you think -- -- thank you for having us that Internet users can.

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{"id":20470890,"title":"Sandra Bullock Almost Didn't Make 'Gravity'","duration":"12:42","description":"Citing a need to be near her son, the actress had to be convinced, says Bullock and director Alfonso Cuaron.","url":"/GMA/video/sandra-bullock-make-gravity-20470890","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}