Parents of Sandy Hook Victims Reflect

Mark and Jackie Barden reflect on their last morning with 7-year-old son Daniel.
1:53 | 06/14/13

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Transcript for Parents of Sandy Hook Victims Reflect
Last day I have read stories -- -- You must just cleaned those moments. -- morning was unusual trio. With Daniel -- he did some unusual things that day. It was -- usual it was. His older brother James started. In middle school in September and he was on an earlier bus 630. Daniel was never up that early ever. And on December 14 James and I were walking on the driveway when he heard little footsteps behind us and it was dale had gotten up. What do you do -- that I wanted to hug and kiss James combined. He hugged his brother told me -- -- it's been six months. How would you like -- or number six months later. -- -- little boy. Who looked -- himself. To try to comfort others. And we as his -- -- trying to. Carry that mission forward for him. And we can. We hope we can make him proud. Our -- started a web page FaceBook page for him -- to what -- -- you do feel where her bracelets. And it's really. Just promote kindness and to look beyond yourself because that's what Daniel could do. He was really aware of others. -- that's an old soul. He really was for used to say and where does he get this because he was than usual he would be very aware of others and we always heard that from his teachers sin and you know parents of kids would always say he can come back anytime to our house because. He was called an old -- many times in his war -- yeah. The line.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Mark and Jackie Barden reflect on their last morning with 7-year-old son Daniel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19403611","title":"Parents of Sandy Hook Victims Reflect","url":"/GMA/video/sandy-hook-elementary-shooting-anniversary-newtown-parents-interview-19403611"}