Sara Moulton Shares Recipes From Her Favorite Cookbooks

Food editor joins "GMA" to share books that will help make some tasty meals.
4:04 | 12/22/12

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Transcript for Sara Moulton Shares Recipes From Her Favorite Cookbooks
we are counting down to christmas. In honor of our 12 days of cooking, food editor sara moulton is here with a selection of some of her favorite cookbooks of 2012. There were hundred you chose from. It was very hard this year. This is "the smitten kitchen" cookbook. What I love about it is she is a very serious home cook. I love reading the intro to each recipe. She developed and tested the recipes over and over again. It's a very cozy book. I love this book. And we have some cranberry crumb cake with mulling spices. She's not a chef, as well. She is home-taught. And did she teach herself a lot. She did. This is a -- yeah, we loved this man. There's been so many grilling books. But this one stands out. It's not -- it goes beyond with the techniques about how to get more flavor out of everything you grill. And he's quite unorthodox. He'll rough up a piece of meat to get more flavor in the nooks and crannies. I'm more interested in a pamphlet about how to use a toaster. There's been a zillion gluten-free cookbooks. And this is one. But what got my -- and I've not been impressed until now. But the photography in this is amazing. This woman also has a blog. She's from the bask region of spain. And her husband and kids found out she was gluten-intolerant. But the photography's amazing. It's good to know if you have small children, you can serve them treats. By the way, this is a christmas treat from that area. It's hazel nut and cinnamon and vanilla soup. I've never heard a recipe described as come hither. This is aietnamese home cooking by charles phan. He's the owner of the slanted door in san francisco. I eat there every time I'm in san francisco. He gives you the ingredients and techniques, that you'll become as familiar with this as italian and french cooking. It will become part of your daily repertoire. Vietnamese food done this way is exciting. Moving on. This is for the dessert impaired like me. I'm not good at desserts. This woman is an accomplished author and pastry chef. She took the ingredients, not the awful stuff with the additives. And put them together in creative ways. You look like a dessert genius. Sometimes pastry chefs are overlooked. This makes it easy, that the three of us can do this. And your guests will go, that's amazing. This is a fun, little book. These gals took big dishes and shrunk them down. And I don't like to entertain. I don't know if you do. Yes. Yeah. Well, I don't. You had a christmas party. Do you do the cooking, dan? No. If I didn't do the cooking, maybe I would entertain. I do dishes. This cook made me want to throw a party. Really? It's just so much fun. You know, you have little, tiny, onion rings and little, tiny, sandwiches. And philly cheesesteaks. And they're tiny. Many more. There's at least 15 more on the website. It was a very difficult year to choose. But great books we've got here. Sara, thanks so much. Merrmas to you. And as sara said, you can find more information available on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Coming up here on the

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{"id":18044408,"title":"Sara Moulton Shares Recipes From Her Favorite Cookbooks","duration":"4:04","description":"Food editor joins \"GMA\" to share books that will help make some tasty meals.","url":"/GMA/video/sara-moulton-shares-recipes-favorite-cookbooks-18044408","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}