'Scandal' Cast Spills Finale Secrets, Offer Sneak Peek

Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn and Katie Lowes join cast-mates in chat about hit ABC series.
6:49 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for 'Scandal' Cast Spills Finale Secrets, Offer Sneak Peek
Ladies and gentlemen of "scandal," you you will answer questions now! Are you ready? S or we will sic huck on you. Sam, go ahead. All right. So we have the first one, let's go to darby. There's an awful lot of speculation in the blogosphere right now because this is so complicated. I have to read this. All right. So here's -- abby might be in cahoots with david. What? Betraying him and maybe as a payback for olivia breaking them up. Could it really get this twisted? I mean, is there a plot line that could get that -- it is called "scandal." It is called "scandal." I would say that fans will have more questions at the end of the season finale than answers. All of that is possible. Good point. So no relationship is like -- I can't say anything. Secret. I love my job. And you guys have said that all of you when you read the script that you all were shocked. We all saw it last night. We got together last night and watched -- why didn't you call me? Because we don't want to ruin it for you. We don't want to ruin it for you. You guys every friday I'm wrecked here because I have to stay up and watch. We feel the same way. We have twitter hangovers. Actually never seen lara as enamored with a cast and television show. I know. It's not hard. Great show. Let's hear it. I love you, jesse. "Modern family." Jesse, she says that to all the stars. Cyrus, you play him so brilliantly. Are you friends, enemies, trying to kill her? What are you doing to this poor woman? No, love olivia. Love olivia. Sometimes she's bratty. And she just needs guidance. And what about you and james, your partner in life. You have a child and you're nasty to him? Well, also -- never you. No. And he just needs a gentle push in the right direction. Aren't they a great couple on the show? They are such a fantastic beautiful family these two men and their baby. Yes. On this show that's rare. I got to get right to the first lady. Come on, baby. Good luck. Are you really -- are you really in love with this or do you just love being the first lady? Oh, so you don't need to know. I love that man to my detriment. I feel like that is something we share. Ah. I don't want your sloppy seconds. Thank you very much. So we just heard in the last episode and that fitz will run again. Now is a big plot turn. I'm so excited. I knew for sure -- too good to be true you would run off and be together but if fitz runs again -- don't be so sure. You recall's see this week. Wait. Just wait. Everything he was saying. All right. Let's -- I don't even know what to ask now. You threw me. Let's do a fast round of inside questions. How about that. All right. So who is the prankster? Josh. Josh. Right here. Shaving cream off my door handle. Yeah. I'm scared the paint on my car is not going to -- on my trailer it says abby. He put crabby. Crabby? Yes. It says abby. Oh, yeah. I can't say -- what is huck -- huck, huck says something he. Left a voice mail saying he's a detective and needs to question me. "The national enquirer." I should call him back. I had no idea -- shaving cream. -- he's an emotional terror. Speed questions. A little go the last episode. You did bring up clips so everybody could see. Yeah. We kept everybody waiting long enough. Everybody, here is -- I'm winning. We're getting married and you are moving into the white house with me. Fitz, okay, there's a million reasons why that's a nonstr. Here go. Are you seriously going to stand here and suggest divorcing your wife and moving me in the white house in the midst of an election is not a tiny bit of a problem. It's a problem. Clearly. So fix it. You're a funny man. Quit your job, go on the road. Okay. That did not give me enough answers. That was just way too po write. Katy, a shot you and huck could become a couple? Well -- you know, we don't know what's coming down the pipe and we literally could kill each other or have sex on a desk. I mean we really d knee. But we are game for whatever comes our way. When you found out, josh, that you were in cahoots with the mole and that you were a traitor to the gladiators, was that exciting as an actor or did you -- exciting -- or do they hate you now? Exciting as a person because it meant I can spend less time at opa. It's very long days and -- opa -- and these young people, they -- there's a lot of dancing. Olivia pope. I get to ask one more before we let you guys go. Of course. Has anyone secretly taken anything from the set? Like your clothes. Like your clothes. Like anything on the desk -- we keep -- I took a grant for president pin that I keep on my dresser. We have to get that back. It might be melanie grant for president one day. You don't know, girl. The clothing, do you ever borrow it and wear it out? No, because -- we borrowed the shoes. We don't take them because we really are committed to the idea that our characters have closets and reuse stuff and rewear stuff because these are real people to us in a healthy way. Me too, it's healthy, i swear. Please don't let it be a full season before you come back and hang out with us. We love you all. The cast of "scandal,"

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{"id":19175220,"title":"'Scandal' Cast Spills Finale Secrets, Offer Sneak Peek","duration":"6:49","description":"Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn and Katie Lowes join cast-mates in chat about hit ABC series.","url":"/GMA/video/scandal-season-finale-kerry-washington-cast-spills-finale-19175220","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}