New school closings as flu epidemic worsens

Schools in some districts in Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Louisiana will be closed tomorrow.
3:21 | 01/28/18

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Transcript for New school closings as flu epidemic worsens
When it turned out to the flu epidemic schools and at least six states will be closed tomorrow. In an attempt to stop the spread of the virus doctor Jan Ashton is here with tips to keep your kids healthy but we're gonna start with ABC's actually quiche and all those school shutting down good morning Zachary. Good morning this intense flu season hitting school started the epidemic spreads. Students teachers even bus drivers out sick some districts forced to shut down for days. I this morning the number of flu cases on the rise schools across the country closing with others racing to disinfect their classrooms. More than a dozen schools in Oklahoma forced to cancel classes we felt like and who knows what was best for our kids hall's empty as many as 20% of students out with the flu. Schools and at least eleven states shutting their doors. Parts of Florida a shortage of bus drivers with so many getting sick with the flu. It felt like my whole body ache. And in Dallas tube and of all ages administered free flu shots more than 200 in all. Before you know we will be out of vaccine and places an and it's going to be a little bit too late the flu can go on until then. Into march and April. With 37 children already dying from the flu experts estimate the number may actually be twice that 49 states reporting widespread flu activity. This influenza season already on track to become the worst in nearly a decade in the epidemic. Hasn't even reached its peak. The CDC says the recent increase in flu cases this month is higher in children due to kids returning to school. After the holiday break. Dana parliament Harry factory thank you and speaking have kids and school and that now let's bring in now back again hashed and that our chief medical correspondent Lisa how if you do have given school how do you determine whether or not given homework and school this is where parents have to make it game time decision and to continue that sports analogy some of these will be medical audible also some last minute decisions. There are some basics OK so we'd like a child have. No fever for at least 24 hours off medication so that's like something like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. We like them to not have any physical symptoms like vomiting diarrhea and if they have a bacterial infection like strep throat. And their on antibiotics we likely to be on antibiotics for at least 24 hours but remember this isn't just about the patient and the child if you keep your child's home. You have to have someone to take care of that child during his day and that is often. The burning not a parent Daryn for many families of what can we tell our kids to do. Well I think this is a great opportunity you teach our children about certain symptoms especially symptoms of the flu since they're probably hearing about that we don't want them to be afraid but we want them to recognize. What it feels like to have a temperature so you know they might have a fever their temperature is high. They might feel cold they might have fatigue headache body aches and if they had those symptoms we want them to tell school nurse a parent a caregiver. And we also have to teach them their health comes first so with older children they're gonna say I can't miss school I'm learning all of pre calculus this week. Your health comes first and what do we don't have kids at an exam school age but we're putting any child care I think it is basic common sense Polly wanna check with that child care daycare facility and ask them how many kids do you are you hearing have the flu how many have Nora virus that stomach flu. How many have the common cold and keep checking in with them and they should be able to tell you half hour classes out we only have one no one sick. You know and they should be ably give you that information such important thank you thanks Jen.

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{"id":52662425,"title":"New school closings as flu epidemic worsens","duration":"3:21","description":"Schools in some districts in Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Louisiana will be closed tomorrow.","url":"/GMA/video/school-closings-flu-epidemic-worsens-52662425","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}