Search continues for missing in California mudslides

Some Southern California residents remain stranded after the mudslides that killed 17 people and damaged 500 homes, according to officials.
1:53 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Search continues for missing in California mudslides
Out west, rescue crews are still trying to find the missing in those mudslides. Take a look. Our local station KABC capturing startling before and after immanuals of a neighborhood in montecito, California, and our senior national correspondent Matt Gutman is there and, Matt, almost the entire city is facing a mandatory evacuation order this morning. Reporter: That's right, Michael. When you see those before and after pictures you can understand why. That order affects 10,000 people basically all of montecito and one of the major reasons for that are hazards. They are everywhere. We found in this morning. Want you to listen. That's a gas main. It has been spewing gas here for I guess four days and you can tell how sticky this mud is. Most of montecito has become uninhabitable. The major freeway here has been closed down. Obviously there's no gas. There's no electricity. There's no water here and the major concern for search and rescue teams are those hazard, pitfalls. This is an affluent community and pools everywhere and spray painted that. The concern is searchers would walk in there and sink up to their necks so they want to clear this area of residents so they can continue to look for the 43 people still believed missing, Michael. Matt, so many hidden dangers out there. What can you tell us about the continued search and rescue efforts? Reporter: Well, technically it is still a search and rescue effort. But practically it has become one of just a recovery effort. There are 17 known victims at this point. They range from the age of 3 to 89. Now, I want you to see the power of these mudslides, what they did to these vehicles on the beach just crushing them into small balls. And when you look at this you can understand why rescuers are saying to folks that they're not going to be back here for at least two weeks and it could take months to dig out of all this. Michael. All right, thank you, Matt. Made those cars look like nothing. So much devastation. We want to turn to the political

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{"id":52302656,"title":"Search continues for missing in California mudslides","duration":"1:53","description":"Some Southern California residents remain stranded after the mudslides that killed 17 people and damaged 500 homes, according to officials.","url":"/GMA/video/search-continues-missing-california-mudslides-52302656","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}