Search Is on for Missing Virginia Student

Angelica Hadsell, 19, disappeared from her parents' home while on spring break.
2:18 | 03/08/15

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Transcript for Search Is on for Missing Virginia Student
Really, really good. But we'll start with the disappearance of a college freshman. She came home for spring break and tlaen vanished after a series of mysterious texts. And there's a clue in the case that has her family baffled. ABC's Gloria Riviera has been tracking the story and joins us from Washington. Gloria. Reporter: Good morning, Dan, good morning, Paula. That's right, baffling. This has been an unfolding nightmare for the family of college freshman Anjelica Hadsell. The last known contact a text sent from her phone to her mother's phone at 5:30 in the morning on a Tuesday but her mother says she can't be 100% sure it was her daughter sending that text. And since then nothing. Everything across here. This whole area completely checked, all right. Reporter: This morning police and family members desperately searching for 19-year-old Virginia student Anjelica. The search spanning 100 miles is now in its seventh day. Today we found three more additional pieces with Numbers that we should be able to link to her car. Reporter: Place say these fragments of her debits cards are the only sign of the long wood university sophomore since disappearing it her parents' home in Norfolk while on spring break. This isn't her. Reporter: The teen known to her family as A.J. Was last seen at 9:15 on Monday night. It wasn't until the next morning she received a mysterious text message from a.j.'s phone. The conversation was a little off like I can't say 100% sure I know that was my daughter that I was texting. Reporter: Then on Wednesday, police received a tip that Hadsell was seen here on a Richmond university campus two hours away. While investigators say there's no sign of foul play, loved ones are convinced Hadsell wouldn't disappear on purpose. This is not Anjelica. We all know her. We know how she would act and this is not -- this is out of character. Reporter: Now her parents desperate to hear from their daughter far from giving up. I'll be out here every day until I find her or she comes back home. Reporter: The search moving into the second week. Family and friends distributing flyers hoping this is all a misunderstanding. Dan, Paula. Such a heart-wrenching time for that family. Gloria, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Angelica Hadsell, 19, disappeared from her parents' home while on spring break.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29479547","title":"Search Is on for Missing Virginia Student","url":"/GMA/video/search-missing-virginia-student-29479547"}