Selena Gomez reveals her best friend donated a kidney to her

The superstar opened up about her kidney transplant, which she received due to her battle with lupus, in a social media tribute to her best friend and donor.
4:40 | 09/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Selena Gomez reveals her best friend donated a kidney to her
Our "Gma" cover story, new details on Selena Gomez's kidney transplant. Her close friend who stepped in as her donor is opening up about it and deb Roberts is back with much more on in this morning. Good morning, deb. Hey, robin. A story people can't seem to stop talking about. After a week of heartbreaking and difficult news reports, Selena Gomez's revelation of her kidney transplant and the power of a selfless and loving friendship seems to be touching hearts everywhere. ??? Can't keep my hands to myself ??? Reporter: Sharing her private health struggles publicly. Sparking social media buzz after posting these Instagram photos revealing she had a kidney transplant this summer saying I needed to get a kidney transplant because of my lupus. They have to match blood types but relatively easy to do that. Reporter: Offering heartfelt thanks to actress Francia Raisa in her post saying she gave me the ultimate gift and sacrifice by donating her kidney to me. I am incredibly blessed, I love you so much, sis. All summer with no max makes Alex a happy girl. Reporter: The two met as young stars, Selena from "The wiz cards of Waverly place." Right. He thinks the system works. Reporter: Raisa connected during a charity visit. Overnight Raisa offering these thoughts. I am beyond grateful god would trust me with something that not only saved a life but changed mine in the process. Living donation is a very important part of the transplant process in the United States. About 30% of all kidney transplants are done from living donors. Reporter: Last year more than 13,000 kidney transplants were performed. Nearly half coming from living donors like Andrew anyoneland a sheriff's deputy in Charles county, Maryland. One of my best friends, it had to be done. If I was a match it was going to be. Reporter: Two weeks ago gave one of his kidneys to fellow deputy sonny Davis. I wouldn't ask him to do it. But, of course, he was the first one to go up and first one to get tested and the first one they find out he was a match. Reporter: Happily the two are now on the mend feeling better each day and grateful. I mean that's what we do. Help people. So serve the community and, you know, I'm taking care of my best friend. No way to actually repay it but I mean it's going to be a lifelong journey. Reporter: Wow. A journey no doubt creates a very special bond. As for Selena she says she's going to be sharing more about her experience that began not that long ago with all the details of how she and her friend Francia are resuming their lives and seems like they're both recovering well. That's a blessing. Thank you so much. Our senior medical contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton is back. We talked about this yesterday but people really want to know more about the donor. When you commit medically what does that mean. We're talking about living directed donation. There is extensive testing that goes on before, physical and medical testing to exclude infection, cancer, drug use, extensive psychllogical screening. They want to make sure you're not being coerced and doing it for the right reason, that organ has to be matched, you're familiar with this. To the recipient like a fingerprint key. And the donor has to be screened again extensively head to toe so this is all part of the informed con sent process. So a lot of people are like, I want to donate. I want to do this but they don't know anybody to do it with. You're talking about living nondirected donation. It's separate so this case the donor does not name the recipient but say I want to give a kidney and have to match that organ for medical compatible and you're talking about things like in the future is that donor going to know where their organ went. In some cases yes. In some cases they'll just get a letter saying your kidney has been implanted and doing well. How generous to want to do that and not even know who the recipient is. Remarkable. Incredible. You know, some people -- and we wanted to dispel the myth. If you're a celebrity you go straight to the top of the list someone like Selena. Short answer, absolutely not. We have unos and candidates are listed on this registry based on how sick they are. You do not go to the top of the list when you're getting an organ from a deceased donor. People want to know more go to unos, go to My late stepmother donated her organs after she died tragically. She saved a lot of people. Oh, my gosh. Thanks for sharing that.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"The superstar opened up about her kidney transplant, which she received due to her battle with lupus, in a social media tribute to her best friend and donor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49861992","title":"Selena Gomez reveals her best friend donated a kidney to her","url":"/GMA/video/selena-gomez-reveals-best-friend-donated-kidney-49861992"}