'Sesame Street' characters share ways to destress

Big Bird, Abby and Rosita demonstrate simple exercises to help children cope with traumatic and stressful experiences.
2:01 | 10/06/17

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Transcript for 'Sesame Street' characters share ways to destress
How the show does and then and I'm here with big bird began after a stellar after a stressful day. I need some way to kinda. Teens dressed and get rid of all that energy so I read that you've got a little something for me my parents and that is gonna take is up the other and they tell yet. Taken Alou without tells quite a bit. Yeah that's that's step number one but Amin is shorter than me but that's okay and I am a big Bernard OK so what are we damp what you do this is a treat bone OK put your hand and Alec my hands and I. And you're just gonna get steady on your feet. And then take a put one foot he could. And put it like this. Parent school to treat those treat million globally at that they already had me going all the way up but just breed. And the premiere very town test that's what you've done taking flak. Look few times camp and they breathe threaten his position yup that's it I'm gonna do this every day after Gianna. Yeah I do little luck to stay he did in your nest but billions of complaints do it thinking how much favorite food you know we have another way. I'm my friend Abby and Rosie it's our here. A little way that we can. And it's called hug it out content out to be that simple what do you didn't let. Behind linking him to come more. Tired yeah yeah both good hug acts. And when I have beat you and me Eileen yeah. Hey I ate I like her right arm and pool I don't know yeah I could be Breck. And Sally don't even need a friend but you can do extra a committee of south and you can and friends. Ferrying then. It's okay and you so much better thank. You hit that he'd than their luggage until he just can't feeling. It's.

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{"id":50327021,"title":"'Sesame Street' characters share ways to destress","duration":"2:01","description":"Big Bird, Abby and Rosita demonstrate simple exercises to help children cope with traumatic and stressful experiences.","url":"/GMA/video/sesame-street-characters-share-ways-destress-50327021","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}