Seth Rogen and Best Friend 'Come Out' to Peter Travers

But like their apocalyptic new film, "This Is The End," they're only joking
14:33 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Seth Rogen and Best Friend 'Come Out' to Peter Travers
-- -- -- -- No you can't have the -- -- that's my Milky Way -- out this morning. Specifically but this Milky Way to eat after my party -- -- it's not weird it's my special food I like it. Back implements that I don't -- huge diplomat who -- I don't know if you haven't really bombed if I don't at least get a bite you all are now Craig wants the -- the don't want to. Q when everyone gets a fifth of everything. All want it can't this year but the bottom are the best that Hamas a crop -- -- -- house cut that obligated then you can have a moment here. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn movie tell you what's happening at the movies and if you wanna laugh at the movies you're never gonna laugh as much as you well at this is the end because of course it's a tragic found. About the end of the world. With a lot of people who think they're funny and it even now I was destroyed I think -- -- gonna come in distraught but anyway. We have other co writers and co directors of this at the end with us. Seth Rogen Evan gold bars they hear a lot of collateral -- got to start -- -- you've been on the show yet zillion times. I used to think he made you well. This is it because I thought you know he'd be writing the script and he would invent Evan Goldberg any case anybody said like many. -- hasn't script that was -- have been having over it is so is he purposely. I'll be honest I'm an actor he hired this week. Doesn't -- Google to be alert. That I -- -- real name is Daniel Weinstein he's. Redundant but there's a good -- from. It -- him. I mean this as the story goes even though I have to go and pretend that this is true and that you are indeed -- -- go you -- and that you worked with him and knowing him. Insurers childhood days in Canada. He then -- rents apartments -- class that's it. At a bar -- that we really clearing Luzader is our friend Julia -- illnesses Borman earlier we were -- up -- girls that night yet and we are gonna go to high school to -- I think we have just found out that we were gonna go to the same -- and we have this common link which -- -- -- -- -- the care from a glove and from -- prevent his kindness. Yeah haltingly guest on -- real close Sammy -- -- set new -- -- -- woman it's other yes and he kind of brought us together at this bar mitzvah where we weren't getting any action and the we don't know. And then from there -- you then as children as as pubescent children just going through this wonderful period month yeah what was it. What was that one thing that means you both look at each other and say yes this guy will be in my life -- -- women can come and -- But I think you just hit the nail on the head and no women had come. We're not who could go. It was just us alone didn't -- And we the specifically we watched a movie some crummy movie I can't remember -- it is and we said this is no -- we could do better maybe yeah and I totally don't remember what we actually we genuinely don't know -- did we had this -- results seven dollars seven movies for seven -- -- and we would just get like seven crummy action movies at -- -- -- in the material -- -- that we would make our own little movies we were -- we really loved for formula -- Star Wars -- kind of -- which was there -- original. All -- of the but -- -- baseball's boon to actually be -- -- bubbles through and the planning -- I was the star of all of them he wasn't in India and I directed -- an -- active in the I just got it out of my system -- we try purposely to keep you out of them. I had my moment I see amazing no one was watching that they weren't watching exactly. If you keep your eyes peeled lemon -- -- this is the end it's that are very very briefly there's an icy -- that show that I do like it a little too long if you asked me but. I. I'd -- to that moment when I should have started -- The movie that's opening. Which -- it was the end let's get into it which is -- I'd -- this. As the -- compliment compact. When I heard that he had done this news when I first -- he -- years ago you talking about the stupid yes. It was always going to be like Guidant. Verses the apocalyptic and -- -- -- him. -- Is that so the idea was that I thought this could suck -- yeah. And I love movies would be there on that highway. Got a when they work you get really -- yeah like you know work -- souls fallen to do did it shock you guys that it worked. We would I would actually always thought -- work that's why we bet everything on it yeah. -- it was shocking to bet everything on -- back to telling me that there's real money at your home and though not. Course not I will make it hard time and effort on -- time and energy and but here you cast your friends yes. And you call them by their rightful -- explain why you decided to play yourselves in this. People always wonder how we got the guys to do it -- they of the apocalypse and respond to them -- them playing themselves what they want and I think 'cause. They get to comment instead of TMC and whoever you know whatever she wants that make them stupid they get to make themselves look stupid easier -- control. I think when you're like in the public it like these guys are. You do -- like so many people. -- so many things about you and Mike the last and they want there was set the record straight anyway examining the league's Oakland worse but I think it's just fun to be able to. Just so please let the world know that your old way here that people are saying things about you and your weight and even that is like kind of refreshing. And and it's just fought for the actors to do like more than anything I think like they just had fun doing I think -- they've never done before it's on appeal the reference your own work and your own movies and. And mud in such a -- -- -- Way -- that he'd be getting because let me just set up this is is. Syria says I'm gonna be about setting up this premise that there's a party at frank us -- via. And you and -- -- -- going in there you come in and all you guys today and giving Jonah -- health for his seriousness of that money ball Oscar nomination. You know everybody is having these moments of doing. It's the you're saying basically they were not only all right with that but they weren't contributing to it downloaded every word and that's good came -- No they would improve everything was inspired it works exactly. Note today I think it took everyone by goods and -- -- -- -- it except -- views and the last third of the -- is the end of the world and there's monsters this earth opening there's everything they had to give guys money some money. I'm not as much as you might it was my experience playing good -- I think it it was like this really chamber -- -- knocked up. I'm not joking here. Actually not really actually the baby -- -- -- -- you're probably take 2030000845. Million -- -- I suggest the first secret is half everyone's -- did exactly habitats are personal deluding ourselves open but he could. Yeah no there wasn't a very expensive movie that'll. So you two as directors yeah. How horrible when you ones that have strict cool cool was actually they're whipping these people into shape. These actors are out of control they don't listen to -- and listening you -- -- the. The beauty of peer pressure. If you do all we have to do was -- one of them become the set and the rest of them don't wanna be the last guy they never want that however got no laws through the -- in the situation. Which is helpful and we also built an area for them to hang out right beside the stage -- -- pool table in the televisions and I couldn't go that they are committed wanna go to the New Orleans he. So we keep -- close who is closest in this may -- to beam themselves got to be set and -- except just phenomenally them. Yeah except that was beauty -- -- to have -- character says everything and and now I think so that is the sort of governing it differ only boy you like the street is guys in the -- as four hours is complete and -- he goes and I think I don't think the emotional. Story would mean -- is -- circumstantially. At least based on reality like I've no injuries in those eighteen. We did -- -- -- together we were roommates for a while he moved back to Canada ice cream in LA and then we did definitely took apart a little bit. We can't not -- give it to review and well I can't because I didn't think existed but. I'm not -- -- super bad you watch see her back. Which you make as teenagers and you started to write this -- and and in the movie then Jonah Hill. Is playing you because you are to Walt. Two -- look into all to be it -- so it wanted to -- but couldn't do it that -- had to do you. And then you get to be -- to but don't playing yourself and that's what Michael -- has to -- -- I felt like I was playing he threw me rating. -- The words Brooklyn but that movie is the most when people go back you know maybe ten years from now to do -- AC Jesus and the the studies of your work together. They have to go back to super bad to say that it's a lot they have to back tourist baseball's proved -- Never going to be able -- -- you get through his mother she hasn't hoosiers who goes to put that ending scenes things is a love story. Look I love you night in various plot -- argue. Croatia every day you actually say more often are -- Levy's eyes or go to the rooftops -- -- love adventure and an event she doesn't to -- come out this day here. I mean we're thinking about is his moment his news I think it is it -- it probably say this has to -- that button was Judd -- has idea -- -- so you really Judd -- -- this week with -- I don't and I don't want -- to -- -- Each of which -- who wants to watch says sleep together I guess that's what we've just -- Well I wouldn't have gone man I just wouldn't have known it exists I just I suspect all roads lead led to those of that yeah well I mean -- I mean I'd love that we see a trailer for war. Pineapple Express. Tip -- investment. That looks like a tremendously bad idea. Actually her idea -- OK. Yeah. -- -- you to hang out with each other when -- network yeah. See -- always together. -- we have why -- -- several -- immediately but are wiser for this they -- had a does that happen usually doesn't work I don't really have a choice giving -- have to -- -- president -- think that pretending sometimes. Now -- -- homefront W disaster we're going on a fourteen day trip before but yeah yeah. Three of the of the event that happened. They would actually got a long wooden -- reason that we have void that we still -- it -- together it still has to be like what would be. The most irritating thing Seth can do here I'm here to stop doing it which isn't used to make this -- -- It's when -- did something bad lately there are bad idea not a news. I do you know there was deaths due -- deaths and and literally when I was like if you make that -- again -- -- just. I stop doing so now I was like I would prefer UN that is a stupid idea. As -- about that noise that was the only highlight -- perhaps. Kind of like it's -- -- edited yet there's a figurative. And says. There's a big difference. What's what is the to seventy this. And I don't know Canada. It had to be bad if I just he had -- to simulate. He's really well anyways -- -- you even late well aware -- there was little bit of the cocaine years exactly that you paperwork sometimes when we're only. That would annoy me. The thing is as remote in this very well I would really wanted to like -- we've had every fight yet one could have. Well before we graduate high. So you pass the -- doesn't have another thing. On the cover of Rolling Stone your everyone's -- -- part of The Doobie Brothers. And so. I'm sure neither -- you have ever -- taken any kind illegal substance. But just theoretically. Yes do you think that this movie. Is saying look this is -- harmless piece of business. Who doesn't want -- little we I would say this movie makes no state. On the topic we liked him liked to us like the like the fact that we music casually in the movements and like that was a big thing actually like our -- four year old virgin is -- review ballroom of playing your game and -- doesn't smoking -- -- fight and that wasn't something that was like Don relief that often in movies treasure like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what we end this show always and song yes Jeff knows this but into the made up guy you don't very excited but. I don't know with the you sing to each other with -- often do and what that song is but I only know that I would just left here. With a song any song and we just make up songs on the spot that's been at it with -- and then been -- -- now superstar. Now it's over. -- That kind of stuff happens is kinda sad yeah united zero imagine -- -- -- gotten the magic I think comes after the initial idea and heroic tunnels are. -- -- -- next time. Thank you I don't know why this was. But I was wonderful. Whatever it was that was what --

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{"id":19398277,"title":"Seth Rogen and Best Friend 'Come Out' to Peter Travers","duration":"14:33","description":"But like their apocalyptic new film, \"This Is The End,\" they're only joking","url":"/GMA/video/seth-rogen-best-friend-peter-travers-19398277","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}