Singer Adam Levine Targeted With False Abuse Allegations

Maroon 5's Levine, 37, was targeted by an anonymous caller who falsely claimed the singer was abusing his wife and 4-week-old daughter, according to police.
3:52 | 10/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Singer Adam Levine Targeted With False Abuse Allegations
We begin with accusations against Adam Levine. An anonymous tipster telling police he abused his wife and daughter but police say the claims are completely bogus and ABC's kayna Whitworth is here with the story this morning. Kayna. David, good morning. The allegations prompted a police investigation but now authorities say they found no evidence of abuse. So many are questioning if the singer was targeted because of his celebrity status. ??? Sugar ??? Reporter: This morning, maroon 5 front man Adam Levine in the headlines after he was accused of child abuse. Police in Los Angeles say last week an anonymous caller phoned in claiming the 37-year-old star was abusing his supermodel wife behati prinsloo and 4-week-old daughter dusty rose. Any time an allegation is made where a child is being abused and in particular a very young child, they're going to immediately want to jump on it. Reporter: ABC news learning the LAPD's juvenile division investigated the complaint and found no evidence of abuse and closed the case. But this morning, while police say no charges have been filed, some experts say the grammy winner himself was victimized. The call to police reminiscent of s.w.a.t.'ing making a traffic call to trigger a S.W.A.T. Team response on innocent victims. And celebrities are a prime target. I shot my wife. You just -- I guess you're going to have to find out. I'm going to shoot someone else soon. Reporter: This 911 call resulting in police racing to Miley Cyrus' home in los Angeles. And in March of last year, rapper lil Wayne's Miami mansion was swarmed by police with guns after a fake 911 call. Other stars from Justin Timberlake, Rio and Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber and Ashton Kutcher have all been s.w.a.t.'d. The clear distinction between this and what happened to Adam Levine is that there is no S.W.A.T. Team called out. This is an investigation, now highly emotionally charged of the potential of abuse of a very young child. Reporter: Levine hasn't commented on the allegations. People who make a false report can face jail time. It depend on their motive. If they thought they saw a crime or knowingly reported false information and, David, the caller in this case has not been charged. Thanks for so much more. Let's bring in Dan Abrams with this. This is a completely anonymous tip. But police also have the responsibility when something like this comes in they have to at least explore the possibility that it's true. That's right. First of all, what could be worse than being accused of beating up your 1-month-old and your wife. The worst allegation that you can get. And he is a celebrity and it is anonymous but now imagine if the police hadn't investigated, right? Let's say that it had been an anonymous tip and didn't do anything about it and it turned out it was true. Well, the police would have been under fire for not doing anything so it sounds like they dealt with this well which is they went, they said to him here's what the allegation was and the allegation was specific, too. It was specific on where the child was hit, where the wife fell, those sorts of things and they investigated and very quickly determined nothing here. So kayna points out the so-called tipster hasn't been charged. Can they be charged? Absolutely. Could be charged. It would be a misdemeanor. But you need Adam Levine's cooperation. I mean not technically but as a practical matter for them to move forward with a prosecution against this guy. You'd need or person you would need Adam Levine's help and my guess is Adam Levine wants this to go away. Yeah, he wants to move forward and wouldn't want to prosecute on a misdemeanor claim for some anonymous tipster but they have to find the person but when you call the police, you do have the advantage of being able to very often figure out where the call came from. If anything can be said about it Adam handled it well. The whole family did in thanks, Dan. Glad to hear that part.

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{"id":42900905,"title":"Singer Adam Levine Targeted With False Abuse Allegations","duration":"3:52","description":"Maroon 5's Levine, 37, was targeted by an anonymous caller who falsely claimed the singer was abusing his wife and 4-week-old daughter, according to police.","url":"/GMA/video/singer-adam-levine-targeted-false-abuse-allegations-42900905","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}