Snow Diving Goes Viral

Residents in impacted areas have decided to have fun by diving into the snow.
1:03 | 01/24/16

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Transcript for Snow Diving Goes Viral
You know we've we've we've kind of gone there are ready but we should point out that there is of course a lighter side to this blizzard check out this video we spotted it's going viral right now. They say are sticking mark. Brag about it and that's Renton has where any attempted to go laughs. All my account but even with the lakers I didn't one it to hit any part of makes yeah and that girl had the opposite problem. Look at this we just these two guys who actually do it today I agree with you run I would never do this week midnight but he. Yeah IA but then they swept if I did AS is what I would do you ride you wanna race and an odd that no. The West Virginia swimming and diving team ranked ever look full. And visited twice I. My favorite of my favorite moment of the show yesterday and we touted we tell us they're run outside San hey Ron how you do and is it not well yeah. I what do truth and I tagged deal goes through records from you.

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{"duration":"1:03","description":"Residents in impacted areas have decided to have fun by diving into the snow.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36484365","title":"Snow Diving Goes Viral","url":"/GMA/video/snow-diving-viral-36484365"}