Snowmobiler Allegedly Plows Into Iditarod Racers

Alaskan officials have the suspect in custody after the crash.
2:09 | 03/13/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snowmobiler Allegedly Plows Into Iditarod Racers
it. We start with the bizarre and disturbing attack at the iditarod race in Alaska. A snowmobiler plowing into the dog sled teams at high speed. A little while ago, teams were spotted pulling into this check point. A suspect is in custody hands been talking about what happened. Marci Gonzalez joining was the details. Reporter: The suspect is giving his explanation about what led up to this nightmare for two teams. Of all of the channels this is the last thing they expected. This morning, outrage after an alleged vicious attack on two iditarod race teams. Killing one of the iconing sled dogs and injuring several others. Police saying they were mowed down by man on a snowmobile, intentionally. Someone tried to kill me. Missed me by inches. At 80 miles an hour. All happened in an instapt. Reporter: Police claim the suspect, Arnold damoski first drove into one team repeatedly. He tried to kill me. Reporter: Less than an hour later, he came responsible four-time iditarod champion Jeff king's team and slammed into them from behind, killing 3-year-old gnash. I was hit from a snow machine. I have one dead and several hurt. He found a piece of the snow machine that helped us to identify the driver. Reporter: Arresting the 26-year-old on several charges. He told Alaska TV station KTUU it was an accident after a night of drinking. It wasn't dengs nal. I didn't intentionally do that. What the papers are saying. I turned around to -- because I was concerned. About them. Come on, good dogs. Reporter: And we're told he could be arraigned as soon as this morning. At least three of the injured dogs are being treated in Anchorage. Expected to be okay as the rest of their teams continue on with the race. Good news about the injured dogs. Marci, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Alaskan officials have the suspect in custody after the crash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37613332","title":"Snowmobiler Allegedly Plows Into Iditarod Racers","url":"/GMA/video/snowmobiler-allegedly-plows-iditarod-racers-37613332"}