Sofia Vergara Takes Over as 'GMA' Celebrity Guest Correspondent

The "Modern Family" star turns the tables on "GMA" co-anchor Lara Spencer.
4:53 | 09/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sofia Vergara Takes Over as 'GMA' Celebrity Guest Correspondent
Thank you so much, robin. And serg Vergara with us, our celebrity guest, correspondent of the morn. We're almost ready. I have a great party planner, min Mindy Weis is who taking care of everything. I'm very detail oriented so I'm kind of like a -- Yes. I think we call that bridezilla. I think I'm beyond that. I have very good memory. If you show me swatches of things, I can like in two months exactly remember but what happened with the one with the little border that had the little print, I'm like really bad. How is Joe handling all of that? Oh, he's a pleasure to be doing this with. He lets me do whatever I want. I show him options, of course, the options that I already want that I'm happy with. That's a very good trick. Yeah. He what he's going to pick I already like. Here are your options. It's my way, exactly. Does he -- at any point did he say we should just elope. We did at the beginning. Lease not deal with this craziness, super busy and to plan a weekend, that weekend Beth be there and have a little honeymoon or something was very difficult but my family started like having, you know, like cease Sures and heart attacks and complaint, e-mails with bad words. Because you're always with them. All the years I covered the emmys they are always there. They wanted a party. They needed a party. The last party I did was when I was turning 40, so it's been like four year -- three years so they wanted something. Let's do it. So tonight, big premiere. Yes. We love your TV family, your other family and have a clip you'll show us. Shall we? Take a look. Next year. What about this year? Oh, we enroll 59 least a year out and even then there's a significant waiting list. You're kidding? I'm sorry, Mr. Pritchett. You could try the learning barn. Oh, yes, that sounds very nice. The learning barn sounds nice. Yes, in my village only the richest kids were allowed to learn inside the barn. So there you go. Tavis a little thing. I was prepping Sofia because it is time not only for the premiere of "Modern family" but also to play our game this week, yesterday we turned the tables and we are doing it again today. It was Anthony Anderson and we're turning the table and you become the reporter. And I read. Here we go. Turning the tables. Okay, crazy. Okay. You were supposed to do it with me so I wouldn't look crazy. It was funny. So now -- I have to say my thing. Okay. Good morning, America. Joining us now is the fabulous Lara Spencer, Lara, thank you for coming in such an early morning. Oh, thanks. Thanks for the coffee. Okay, Lara, have you have worn many interesting outfits in this show. Let's look a few of them. Halloween is around the corner. What's in store for us this year? Oh, that's -- look -- What is that? That was me -- those are just a few of my -- When do you have time to do all this? On my lunch hour. Is that a problem? No, I'm not sure what I'm going to be this year, Sofia. Do you have any suggestions? No, I don't like dressing up for H so excited. Tonight season seven of "Modern family" begins. The premiere and we are going to talk about that right now with you. Hello, my friend. How are you? I'm blinded by the light of that diamond. Thank you, thank you. "Pop news" was fun, thank you for quizzing us on all -- won? Won. E everyone wins on "Gma." What was the answer to the last question? For clarity? I don't remember what it was. I can't remember either. Something about a gorgeous man. "True blood." 9 other Joe managaniello reference. You mentioned at the emmys the big day is in November. Yes. In the planning stages? Do you have the dress, do you have the bridesmaid dressings. I don't have the dress.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"The \"Modern Family\" star turns the tables on \"GMA\" co-anchor Lara Spencer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33973892","title":"Sofia Vergara Takes Over as 'GMA' Celebrity Guest Correspondent ","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-vergara-takes-gma-celebrity-guest-correspondent-33973892"}