Keibler Says Marriage the 'Last Thing On My Mind'

Host of Lifetime's new reality series, "Supermarket Superstar" discusses recent split with George Clooney.
3:19 | 07/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keibler Says Marriage the 'Last Thing On My Mind'
I feel so short next to you. Give me an apple box. If you wonder why we're looking to be standing in what looks like a supermarket, there's a reason. Stacy is part of a new reality show, "supermarket superstar." It debuts on lifetime. She's not asking for price checks. She's the host of the show. It's a great show. And I love the concept of it. We'll get to it in a second. I wanted to ask you about george clooney. You dated him for two years. You split. Things are amicable between the two of you? Absolutely. I'm doing great. Thank you for asking earlier. I know that he is an avowed bachelor. Do you want to get married and have a family of your own? Everybody no knows me thinks that's a funny story. That's the last thing on my mind. I don't think about that at all. Let's set aside the reports that he didn't want to get married and you didn't. He didn't discuss that. All right. Let's get on the show. How does it work? You have contestants that are all competing. You have the next hot product. The design, the packages? And it's not just about cooking. It's about the american dream. Our contestants have to refine their recipes. They get fast tracked by the panel of experts. They get the tools they need. They go through challenges. Are we talking gourmet food? Anything. That's why the show is so fun. Anybody can come on and throw something together. It can be something that you cook for your family. It can be a product you've been trying to develop for the supermarket. We have a little bit of everything. Crazy stuff that your contestants have come up with, though. One is beer and bacon jam. Yep. That was one of them. Would anybody eat that? I think so. People really enjoyed it. Do you try all of the products? I do. Every, single one? Every, single one. You had one that was a cricket ball. There was a protein bar. And he was trying to do something sustainable for the planet. And it just tasted like a protein bar. You wouldn't have known there were crickets in there. You are a gamer. We're going to do a taste test. Put this blindfold on. You're a foodie and also a cook. We got some information here that you can -- I'm going to hand you a fork. Okay, try this. Right here. Tell me what you think it is. Go on. I think this is easy. I got it. It's a radish. You are so right. The second one. It took me a second. Try this one. Sorry. Sorry. Apologies. I'm so sorry. That's okay. Okay. Ut. Like a walnut. Very good. Okay. One last one. One last one. Right there. On the fork? Yes. Cantaloupe. Yes. Stacy keibler. The show -- fantastic.

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{"id":19687828,"title":"Keibler Says Marriage the 'Last Thing On My Mind'","duration":"3:19","description":"Host of Lifetime's new reality series, \"Supermarket Superstar\" discusses recent split with George Clooney.","url":"/GMA/video/stacy-keibler-george-clooney-breakup-rumors-marriage-thing-19687828","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}