Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship On Its Way to Port

The powerless cruise ship Triumph is due in port in Mobile, Ala.
2:42 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship On Its Way to Port
We're going to turn to the latest on that crippled carnival cruise ship, "the triumph," due in port in mobile, alabama, in just hours. The cruise ship's four-day cruise turned into a trip to misery for the more than 4,000 people onboard. Abc's matt gutman flew right over the crippled boat. He's been tracking this story all night long and joins us from mobile with the latest. Good morning, matt. Reporter: Hey, good morning, elizabeth. This you see here is the home stretch for "the triumph." Instead of a sprint to the finish, it's been more like a crawl. The tugboats, held up at sea by stiff head winds. They're 60 miles from here. That means all of the passengers aboard may have to spend another half-day onboard. Eight days and more than a boatload of horror stories later, what those onboard call a vacation from hell, now appears to be ending. Have you ever seen anything like that? No. Reporter: This morning, for the first time, a bird's-eye view of the crippled carnival "triumph," as it was towed to part with 4,000 still onboard. It's incrle to see how hard the tugboat is fighting to steer the ship. It's 900 feet long. And the tugboat in front is pulling it. From above, you can make out the curious at the rails. The deck chairs turned into beds. What you can't see, the reports of elderly passengers running out of critical heart medicine. Others onboard, squabbling over scarce food. Passenger ann barlow texted us, no showers. The smell is terrible. We showed the pictures from our flight to mary, whose 12-year-old daughter, rebecca, is on "the triumph." The worst part, was when she said, mommy, I'm afraid I won't ever get to see you again. Reporter: And this morning, families of those onboard say carnival is adding insult to the injury they already feel. These photos of carnival's owner, ricochetting across the web. Mickey airson, who also owns the miami heat, sitting courtside tuesday. Even as the company's president was trying to apologize. At carnival, our promise to our guests is to provide great vacation experience. In this particular case, we did not deliver on that promise. Reporter: Now, it's 40 degrees out here this morning. With this wind, it feels like it's 29. And we're talking about thousands of people aboard that ship who had dressed for a tropical vacation, shorts and flip-flops. After all of that misery, the poor sanitation, no showers, hopefully the cold is the last indignity they have to suffer.

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{"id":18498900,"title":"Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship On Its Way to Port","duration":"2:42","description":"The powerless cruise ship Triumph is due in port in Mobile, Ala.","url":"/GMA/video/stranded-carnival-cruise-ship-port-losing-power-stranding-18498900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}