Stylish Athletic Wear Is New Fashion Trend for Women

"Athleisure" clothing bridges the gap between fashion and fitness.
3:13 | 12/10/14

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Transcript for Stylish Athletic Wear Is New Fashion Trend for Women
Next on the heat index. Hottest trends in women's clothe. It's called at lee surewear. And comfort is becoming more stylish. Sara Haines looked into the trend for us. Take a look. Reporter: My lifestyle is no different than most ladies. I like to work out and have nights out. So when I heard the hottest must-wear trend combines those two worlds, I wanted in, stat. This trend is all about at leisure. It's the cross roads of fashion meeting fitness. It's reaching a fever pitch now and not going anywhere fast. Reporter: How heard it right, athleisure, designer and leisure. They are jumping on the band wagon. From the affordable brands like H&M, to the high end, Gucci and Vera bang. And they are sporting the pants. You have seen beyonce, Gwen Stefani. This is so her trend. Reporter: These fashion for all pants transition you seamlessly, and, yes, comfortably, from day to night. Any time I see a loose pant, I want to put a t-shirt on. How do you wear the trend correctly? You can wear some of these with a t-had shirt if that's the look you're going for. It's about how you put it together. Reporter: Here's a few looks. The work look. These are 98. The key is tucking it in. It makes it look way more polished. Reporter: The weekend look. Classic track pant. Racing stripes down the side and under $60. Reporter: The evening look. $88. These are an evolution on the track pant. Silhouette is the same, but the tailoring is different. Reporter: Casual, chic, and oh, so comfy. A lot of trends, and I have to say, this one I want to hold on to. I love these pants. Lori can tell you, I haven't stopped talking about them. Look fantastic. I love the pockets. You mentioned we are joined by style director Lori. Tell us what everybody is wearing. You are pulling off the silky jogging pants. Yes. And they're super-comfortable. Ginger is in a dusty rose color from J. Crew. We to want make them more feminine. Added a sparkly top. Miss Sara, she's in a graphic print. They are a splurge at 110. We added structure and shape on the sweater and blouse. And for me, these are $19. Joe fresh, temper the print with a shirt. The shoes you put with the pants make all the difference. They're the game-changers. Start with a fashion sneaker. These are from H&M, 10 bucks, embellishments, different from a sneaker. And the point toe punt, around 90 bucks. And make it a little sexy. These are strappy sandals, $59. The track pant isn't inherently sexy. If you're comfortable here, make sure you're uncomfortable here. That's true.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"\"Athleisure\" clothing bridges the gap between fashion and fitness. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27497026","title":"Stylish Athletic Wear Is New Fashion Trend for Women","url":"/GMA/video/stylish-athletic-wear-fashion-trend-women-27497026"}