Superfans test their 'Star Wars' trivia knowledge live on 'GMA'

Two self-described superfans face-off in a trivia game as anticipation builds for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."
3:13 | 12/01/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superfans test their 'Star Wars' trivia knowledge live on 'GMA'
Back now with our countdown to the premiere of "Star wars: The last jedi." We want everybody to be jedi ready. We're putting two fans to the test. Tomas and Marshall are competing for some of the hottest gifts on the market under these boxes. We'll reveal them in a moment. Ooh. First we have to see what you two know. Michael, take it away. You know what I like, are you two ready? Yes. I like that. Jedi red. Fella, here we go. Keep it real. Keep it clean. This weapon lights up it can cut through almost anything, darth vader is holding one when he says, Luke, I am your father. What is it? Lightsaber. Lightsaber, Tomas, you're right. All right. Lara, what is the prize? Well, thank you for asking, Michael. Prize number one, there you go. You'll be ready to fight the dark side with this blade-building lightsaber and has classic sound effects. Okay. Marshall looks focused right now, Tomas. Really focused. Here's question number two. Lara, you're great. All right. He's the son of Han solo and princess Leia. Who is it? Kylo ren or Ben solo. Ooh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Which one? Well, kylo ren is Ben solo. He knows more than I do. All right. Tomas is right. Lara, what is the prize. A well deserved prize for you, Tomas. This is a 6-inch black series Kyle LE Renn action figure coming with a standing base and his own lightsaber. I tell you what, I learned something. Don't challenge a kid when it comes to "Star wars." Here we go. Question number three, speaking of kylo ren, he flies one of these -- Special fighter. Thai fighter, you got it. Welcome to the party. Lara, what did Marshall win. Marshall, what a coincidence. His black tie fighter with force linking wearable technology to activate sounds, lights and fun phrases to bring your tie to life. Found exclusively at Walmart. All right. The thing is, Toma who answered two correctly and Marshall you got one but you both are great and you're both winners so we have something for both of you. You're both going home with a big jedi ready prize pack, fellas and took care of you. There we go. Great job, you guys. Great job. We learned a little something and everybody, don't forget. "Star wars: The last jedi" comes out December 13th. We can't wait -- 15th. Oh, thank you so much. Tomas, what we do without you. December 15th, "Star wars"

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{"id":51503713,"title":"Superfans test their 'Star Wars' trivia knowledge live on 'GMA' ","duration":"3:13","description":"Two self-described superfans face-off in a trivia game as anticipation builds for \"Star Wars: The Last Jedi.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/superfans-test-star-wars-trivia-knowledge-live-gma-51503713","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}