Guess the Dress: Target vs. Designer Gowns

Target is offering dresses starting at $99 while some designer gowns go for thousands.
3:33 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for Guess the Dress: Target vs. Designer Gowns
And also sizzling in our "gma" "heat index" our huge bridal blow out event. We have new wedding dresses from target of all places that have made headlines because they feature high style, but at very low prices. We're going to check out how they compare to top designer creations with lauren eianotti of "brides." Weddings can be so expensive. As brides we've learned that the average wedding costs $27,000 last year. A chunk of change. It's one day. One party and you store it away for always and forever. You have one opportunity to wear a piece of art. Couture so I think a lot of people go for it. Here's a way to hopefully you get a little of both. Let's start with our first look. The first designer dress is by inez di santo and retails for $5500 and tell us about this look. So this is a gorgeous dress. It's a classic hollywood glamour silhouette. A deep "v" sweetheart neckline and gathered straps and straight up and down flair that moves with you, gorgeous, perfect look. Very, very beautiful but now let us see the target version. Come on out here. Our beautiful bride is wearing a bridal dress by target. Right. You can see there's similarities. The sweetheart neckline, the deep "v." It moves with you and it's a lovely dress and you'll get a great tailor to make it fit your body. She looks gorgeous. And you know what else is gorgeous, the price. Will you show us? that's great. You're right, a little tailor for, what, maybe $30 pitch it where you need to or let it out, take it down. Thank you so much. You look beautiful. Our next look. HOUR NEXT LOOK IS AN OSCAR de la RENTA. We know oscar. He puts the celebrities in the big beautiful princess gowns and does simple silhouettes. This is a u-shaped neckline. It's cut, rusched -- sorry, cut on the bias, sort of flairs out at the bottom. It's very fabulous. Very hot and fwlam. Twirling on the dance floor. For $5600, almost $5700, it should. However, come on out. Here's target's version. Beautiful look. It looks absolutely great on you. I love your idea about tailoring it to cinch it in. A cowl neck. Looks beautiful on everybody. The bias cut and -- the price. 99.99. And then thank you so much. I love that. And finally, our last very -- this is our strapless. Trapless is so popular. Like every bride wants to wear a STRAPLESS SO OSCAR de la Renta -- excuse me. Cut -- natural waistline and here comes our target version. Ensala, $5,000 version and here's our target verse. You would never know that it costs -- $99.99, target has actually four dresses. Those are just three of them. All of them really -- I'm looking close up at the detail. It's beautiful. Really does -- you can't see the difference. It's gorgeous. I like the pockets. Everybody loves the pockets. Thank you so much. Thank you very much for

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Target is offering dresses starting at $99 while some designer gowns go for thousands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19363891","title":"Guess the Dress: Target vs. Designer Gowns","url":"/GMA/video/target-wedding-gowns-starting-99-dresses-rival-designer-19363891"}