Tea Party Super PAC Predicts a 'Bar Room Brawl' Inside GOP in 2014

The Madison Project's Drew Ryun calls for remaking the Republican Party.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tea Party Super PAC Predicts a 'Bar Room Brawl' Inside GOP in 2014
Hello and welcome to top line I'm Rick Klein from ABC news and -- Malia knocks from Yahoo! News and we're joined today by drew Ryan of the Madison project. -- Tea Party aligned group being involved in a bunch of racist and I -- start with that. The fact that you've gotten establishments attention. We've got the chamber of commerce now up in a bunch of red states -- try to push back in some cases against candidates that you supported what's -- your response that what are you hearing on the ground. Her folks I think that we fourteen primary cycles going to be unlike anything that we've -- I really do think there's going to be a bright line. This is going to be vehicle and a bar brawl and not really think that you're gonna see. Some big punches thrown and you gonna have alzheimer's in -- I think that it's gonna come down to battle tactics they're gonna have more money we're gonna have more people and and basically who. Employs the best tactics I think is gonna come out on top of these -- is not and wanting to consider is having viable candidates I think maybe where the conservative movement has fallen short is. You have people and it's it's meet the criteria. But given the nature of politics you have to be viable to win. -- -- marquee races in which you guys are -- involved is Kentucky and endorsing the challenger to Mitch McConnell Mitch McConnell has had a long career in politics. But after thirty years in Washington. Is his leadership really the best that we can do one thing I hear from a lot of Republicans. In DC is in what universe is Mitch McConnell not conservative enough it's not necessarily the voting record of Mitch McConnell I think he's been very savvy in that sense of protecting net voting record especially -- the AC the American Conservative Union scorecard. For us it's the lack of leadership. Where he disappears on key issues -- the immigration issues that pushes -- ruby on front. Where it in the last election cycles when he didn't face a viable challenger. The guy leading the charge was Mitch McConnell on its comprehensive immigration reform at this time is pushing out -- Marco Rubio walk through a little bit how your group decides to to back a candidate. And give us a sense of what the candidate can expect from the group but we're talking about. At 101000 dollar contribution -- talk about volunteers on the ground are we talking about. Independent. Ad campaign it's something where we we've set -- a certain amount of criteria before we engage in these races. Now but then when we do we go in full -- Ted -- being a great example force in the 2012 cycle where there's a five way primary in Texas in -- race we have the opportunity to meet with him. And it's it's clarify for the conservative movement this is our guy to go up against the lieutenant governor -- primary he went on to win. On the ground we do crash -- I think extremely well this get out the vote type work. That that I think the Republican -- has failed at the last election cycles we're sticking with -- fourteen and 2014 point. That that you will not just -- to get a bunch of different races there will be eight defined universe that that will put. Everything we haven't. The most famous thing to take cruises done on the national stage was it his his role in the defund obamacare fight the government shutdown that resulted from -- I intend to speak in support -- until I'm no longer able to stand. Isn't -- -- of compromise right now in Washington a lot of optimism about a budget deal. What's your view of that do you think you do you think it is time for Republicans does it to come together with Democrats say okay enough of these fiscal fights will split the fight another day. That question to -- -- more directly what were open to with a massive project and medicines remake the Republican Party. -- have Republican Party right now frankly led by Paul Ryan that would -- avoid the elephant in the room upon Tenet of obamacare we actually are making the argument of hey there's never been a better time. The diamonds a change of September went and -- stood up and made -- case against obamacare we've now seen the debacle overall. Millions of Americans kicked off we've seen insurance costs go up if -- -- Republicans are not gonna fight when the stage is set then it's time for us to go back and gradually begin remaking -- you. What to think it would be -- -- to take the fiscal -- -- off the table for the next year or two and say we're gonna come together on a budget resolution we have another chance that to fight now. I do I do think would be -- -- -- Ryan for the Madison project making waves in 2014 before the brawl thanks thanks some of the guests are right that does it for this edition of top line you can watch us. All week long -- abcnews.com. And it Yahoo! News he can follow me on Twitter at reclined you follow me act of Knox. And of course -- on us next time.

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{"id":21170657,"title":"Tea Party Super PAC Predicts a 'Bar Room Brawl' Inside GOP in 2014","duration":"3:00","description":"The Madison Project's Drew Ryun calls for remaking the Republican Party.","url":"/GMA/video/tea-party-super-pac-predicts-bar-room-brawl-21170657","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}