'Three's Company' Could Be Made Into a Movie

New Line Cinema is reportedly negotiating for the movie rights to the hit TV sitcom.
2:32 | 04/21/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Three's Company' Could Be Made Into a Movie
♪ Come and knock on our door ♪ You know that song, don't you, "Three's company," one of the highest rated shows in the U.S. And now Janet, Chrissy and jack may be headed for the big screen and ABC's T.J. Holmes is here with the details. T.j. I'm hesitant, Strahan to call this an old show because it premiered the year I was born. Now, another guy in the studio, he's 28. He said he watched the reruns on nickelodeon so no 345er9 what age you are generations have grown up with it. So many remakes in the works, why, because if it works -- ♪ come and knock on our door ♪ That was "Three's company" invitation to high jinks with jack, Chrissy and Janet. Could I see you for a minute. Sorry, kid. You had your chance. ♪ We've been waiting for you ♪ I think Alex is the type to believe a man and woman living together platonically. Then let's try something he will believe. Reporter: But the wait may soon be over for a big screen version of the regal beagle game. All in favor raise your hands, one, two, three, it's unanimous. Reporter: According to "Hollywood reporter" new line cinema is negotiating for the movie rights with 21 jump street and its sequel raking in over half a billion dollars. What's up, dog? We're back. Reporter: And fans breathless over a shirtless zac Efron and Dwayne "The rock" Johnson taking over "Bay watch". The three characters are so clearly defined a lot of actors want to jump at the parts. Reporter: Online fans are already campaigning for who should play the trio calling for Ashton Kutcher or Channing Tatum, and Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Anna Faris or Tina fey. ♪ Three's company too ♪ Everybody is wondering who will get it. Thinking about who should play who. Do you remember we had two different landlords, the ropers and Mr. -- Yeah. Who do you vote for, forly or roper. I have to go with roper. The roper had the spin-offs so they left. It was so popular. That's why. They'll have to change the story line for the times maybe because the whole story line, remember, it was about him pretending to be a homosexual man with the setup living with two women. Two very attractive women. I think we should meet at the regal beagle and discuss.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"New Line Cinema is reportedly negotiating for the movie rights to the hit TV sitcom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38565518","title":"'Three's Company' Could Be Made Into a Movie","url":"/GMA/video/threes-company-made-movie-38565518"}