Tim Gunn Opens Up Blistering Critique of the Fashion Industry

The 'Project Runway' star is live in Times Square days after he wrote that designers' reluctance to dress the average American woman was 'a disgrace.'
4:15 | 09/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim Gunn Opens Up Blistering Critique of the Fashion Industry
Yeah menacing air sing song welcome back Cottam cuts because of our group has never been back there were also back now with him and he's taking on the fashion industry. Think it's kind of an aside for women of all shapes and size payments about it Project Runway test is joining us live. In moment but first here's a look at his message. This is an unconventional materials that. One of the biggest names in fashion sizing up the failures of his own industry. Remaining Romo room. The word. With the average American woman wearing between a size 1618. Gunn says there is money to be maiden plus size clothing. But some designers and merchandisers to leave. Plus size woman is complicated. Different and difficult. The driver of the models were going down the runway ever won the Project Runway mentor even criticizing his own show saying it has not only your on this issue. Claiming contestants audibly groaned. We have some new client for you. When asked to create looks for non models. Nine Project Runway co host Tim Gunn joins us now live from. Los Angeles always good to spend little time with you Tim and until we a lot of people are reacting to what you had to write what you had. To say do you think. I couldn't adolescent panelists and why you took why is saying this now Tim. Will rub and actually I've been saying this for a very long time and Chris in Syria auto and his work for Leisle Jones. For the premiere ghostbusters was really the catalyst for this Washington Post article so I've been an advocate for. Women who were larger than a size twelve for a bit many many many years and they're a hundred million of them so why doesn't this industry wake up. Yeah agreed I I have two questions pretense of first three worried at all writing this op Ed piece that you would alienate some colleagues. Could you call you can call like yeah. If littler principles welcome back to contribute to hand. I have to say yes I was very trepidation about the article by all right how dogma a lot of oh tense moments thinking is this really the right thing to do well no that's not correct it is the right thing to do that will create some. Potential backlash. I was willing to take that'll. Look at trio so and you got you just got even talk about this for a very long time so how does it change now what steps need to be taken. Well I am. Hoping it's the fact that we've become a more inclusive society and culture here in this nation and that were so much more open to. Different points of view were different individuals who possess different characteristics. That the woman who was larger than a size twelve will become a part of that entire equation. And that designers and retailers will respond to that individual and I have to say. What really. Baffles me is why retailers art. Vigorously on top of this issue because all they can do is make more money. Lightning did you bring have a good point there and because people want to know why this is pleading that you bring up Christian. And he was applauded for having models of all sizes at his Fashion Week show actually Graham of course we know as well she's on the forefront. Of that so why aren't designers taking advantage of this more why why they may exception not the rule. Will Robin I believe it just goes back many many decades to to the origins of art or fashion industry and of this. Rarefied glamorous world that the industry wants to portraying and they say that larger woman isn't isn't part of those. And on it it that everyone needs to be included and I think there's nothing greater and more wonderful than saying look I can take someone who is that a seven foot told Limas on and make that individual look fabulous. All right Sam thank you so much for speaking out we thought it was it. He had he written piece very strong gal well thought out we really appreciate it and the new season of Project Runway at any time ten. The new season of Project Runway premieres this Thursday on lifetime and you're gonna see him this weekend outlook on image available at car that's certainly do not together.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"The 'Project Runway' star is live in Times Square days after he wrote that designers' reluctance to dress the average American woman was 'a disgrace.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42022585","title":"Tim Gunn Opens Up Blistering Critique of the Fashion Industry","url":"/GMA/video/tim-gunn-opens-blistering-critique-fashion-industry-42022585"}