Tim McGraw to Rock 'GMA' and 49th Annual CMA Awards

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories in "GMA" Pop News.
3:01 | 10/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim McGraw to Rock 'GMA' and 49th Annual CMA Awards
"Pop news" time. Listen up, y'all. A major "Pop news" announcement this morning for you. Country superstar Tim Mcgraw will be performing live on "Gma" right here on Wednesday. The morning of the 49th annual cma awards. He'll be coming from bridgestone arena in downtown Nashville. Chris Stapleton will drop in. That is next Wednesday on "Gma." I'm going to go out there in the morning and then, robin, I know you have a lot going on. Monday, our countdown special. But that Wednesday morning before the cmas always so special here on "Gma." I've never done it so I'm really looking forward to it. They'll take great care of you. Tim, looking forward to having you. More music news now. ? I can feel it ? One of the greatest songs ever. It is. I can feel it coming in the air this morning. And it's a new album from M my '80s musical crush Phil Collins telling rolling stones magazine he is no longer officially retired saying the horse is out of the stadium rearing to go. He cited hearing problem and nerve damage in his hands from years of pounding on those drums when he retired in 2002 and says he still loves making music and his kids are now at the age where they want to see what dad does. He says he will record a new album in the stoo,stoo, studio. Nice. Against all odds he's coming back. I believe we have a first, America. George just made a pun. It was bound to happen. Thank you, George. I feel a new level of love between us. You know what, this next story, George, made me think of you and I really mean this bt's all about becoming a gentleman and you are a great example of a gentleman. If you want your guy to be one or looking to, you know, brush up on your skills the british magazine "Country life" has a list that has so many people talking online this morning, it's a rather posh publicly kag and lists 39 qualifications in this increasingly complex social world. Now shall the overriding emphasis is on being consider at and taking time to look out for others but specifically a gentleman possesses at least one well-made dark suit, one tweed an one dinner jacket, George, I believe, check. Never kisses and tells. Can cook a good omelet. Turns off his cell phone during dinner or puts it to silent. Breaks off a relationship face-to-face, says his name when being introduced and is kind to waiters, that's just a few of them. And never blows dry his hair. That was actually on the list for some unknown reason. They had to fill up 39. So really kind of random. You're not a gentleman if you blow dry your hair. I don't know. This is a chic English publication. Who told me about it was our very own president James. His wife sent hip the list and I thought it was fantastic. Went online and a lot talking about it. Check that out.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34819941","title":"Tim McGraw to Rock 'GMA' and 49th Annual CMA Awards","url":"/GMA/video/tim-mcgraw-rock-gma-49th-annual-cma-awards-34819941"}