Tornadoes Cause Severe Damage in the South

Residents from Mississippi to Alabama are assessing the damage after at least 16 tornadoes devastated southern states.
1:53 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for Tornadoes Cause Severe Damage in the South
First the after. Math of those tornadoes in the southeast. Homes and businesses destroyed. At least five people dead. Alabama has seen some of the worst destruction and ABC's Phillip Mena starts us off in flat rock. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. The only way that you can tell that this was a day-care center is by the few toys that remain. This is where a family of seven rushed over from their mobile home looking for a safe place to ride out the storm but sadly they ran right into harm's way. Just one day after at least 16 tornadoes devastated much of the south, families in Alabama beginning to pick up the pieces. This door frame the only thing remaining for one family. We were all holding on to each other. Crouched down on the floor just dear god, please let me live through this. Reporter: All that's left of this day care a small room. We've been fortunate compared to the last few times that it's came through. Reporter: In Rosalie many parts of the town leveled. Debris up in the trees. The shelves still standing at this destroyed convenience store. In Mississippi, families assessing the damage. As they cut and clean outside their homes. Look how this pecan tree sliced right through this house. We had to get the ladder over there and get her out the window because she couldn't get out of any doors. Tornado warning. Reporter: In the Florida panhandle a powerful waterspout forming off the coast Wednesday afternoon. Near Atlanta, a tornado warning with strong winds blowing this huge piece of metal from a recycling center about a quarter of a mile away. ??? Reporter: Students hunkered down in the school hallway waiting out the storm. Strong winds knocking down trees, severing power lines. And many in this area are still without power this morning. The good news is the storms that caused all of this damage have moved out. Robin. All right, Phillip, thank you. Thinking of everybody there.

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{"id":43895674,"title":"Tornadoes Cause Severe Damage in the South","duration":"1:53","description":"Residents from Mississippi to Alabama are assessing the damage after at least 16 tornadoes devastated southern states.","url":"/GMA/video/tornadoes-severe-damage-south-43895674","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}