Designer Says Ex-Husband Stole Secrets for Rival Line

Tory Burch accuses Chris Burch of creating his own fashion line off company secrets.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Transcript for Designer Says Ex-Husband Stole Secrets for Rival Line
superstar fashion house caught in a showdown. Tory burch is accusing her husband of stealing company secrets to make a rival line. Linsey davis is here with that story. Reporter: You've heard of the it factor in fashion. How about the x-factor. Tory burch and her husband, chris burch, have been divorced for six years. But they're about to head back to court, for his clothing line, which she says looks too much like hers. You might call it the fashion world's "war of the roses," or war of the rose-colored cardigans. Husband and wife chris and tory burch made the tory burch brand in 2004. Their logo, one of the most recognizable in fashion today. The idea is to mix outdoor, english country, with modern. Reporter: But the twosome now find themselves on opposite sides of a nasty battle of the brands, after chris burch started a competing mall brand called c. Wonder this year. Don't believe the tory burch company has a monopoly on bright-colored sweaters. Reporter: Tory burch disagrees. And the two are involved in lawsuits and countersuits. She says he stole her secrets. This is tory burch on the left and c. Wonder on the right. Industry insiders say it's not just the new store's decor at issue, but the products they're selling. Tory burch scandals and cardig cardigans on the left. C. Wonder on the right. I don't believe tory burch customers who are looking at spending $400 or more for a sweater, are going to be looking at c. Wonder and vice versa. Reporter: "Vanity fair" talked with chris burch for its december issue. And size while the ex-spouses may be battling each other, the fight won't hurt either of their fans. I think tory is going to continue to expand her business and continue to be america's golden girl. And I think chris is going to continue to open new brands. I think he's going to expand c. Wonder. I think c. Wonder has a real chance. Reporter: Tory burch declined a request for comment. But chris says, unlike their marriage, the former couple's clothing brands can co-exist peacefully. Chris burch not only wants to sell his shares in tory burch, he's speaking compensatory damages. And wants his ex-wife and four directors removed from the board. They head to court in april.

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{"id":17671114,"title":"Designer Says Ex-Husband Stole Secrets for Rival Line","duration":"3:00","description":"Tory Burch accuses Chris Burch of creating his own fashion line off company secrets.","url":"/GMA/video/tory-burch-designer-husband-chris-stealing-company-secrets-17671114","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}