Ultimate Dog Tricks Performed by Stunt Dogs

In the first-ever "GMA" Paw-Lympics, stunt dogs compete head to head.
5:17 | 01/20/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ultimate Dog Tricks Performed by Stunt Dogs
So excited to kick off the first ever "Gma" paw-lympics in just a moment two very talented pups go head to head but first we're going to find out a little more about them. Take a look. They never cease to amaze us with their tricks, their agility and their amazing vocal skills. Man's best friend defying expectations and melting our hearts along the way. Now "Gma" has rounded up the best of the best rivals ready to ruff up the competition and go paw to paw in our ultimate celebration of extreme canine capability. "Gma's" inaugural paw-lympics. This morning, the stage is set, Bella, a sassy sen fearless challenger will take on pickles, a precocious rookie ready for glory. First up the trick event. Fwm's paw-lympics begins live from times square right now. So this morning, it is all about the ultimate dog tricks with two stunt dogs going head-to-head in this first event of our first paw-lympics and we have a very distinguished vip section here. Thank you. Thank you, they're very excited. We also have the great Howard paw-sell who will be commentating. Hello, Howard. It is time, though, to meet our competitors. First up in the paw-lympics stadium, Bella, the Boston terrier with Melissa. This competitor is 5 years old and known for being sassy and fearless. Next into the paw-lympics today dwrum, pickles. Also a Boston terrier. Head-to-head, two Boston terriers, pickles is here with Alison and pickles is quite the competitor, though she is sweet and sensitive by nature but she's an animal when it comes to competition. Now though we must turn to Sara Westcott. You will be helping us because you have a lot of experience in this. I'd like to say you are the owner of the doggie academy in New York City and brief us on the competition. How does it work? Each is going to do a three-trick sequence. Now, Bella -- in not easy, by the way. Bella is our seasoned pro here and so her tricks have a high degree of difficulty. Pickles, she's young but don't count her out because she can always pull out the cute card. First up here's Bella. Watch. Scooter. Stay. Board. Off to a good start. Bella. Not missing a trick. Ready. Go. Careful, careful. Careful. She's amazing. Grace under pressure. Bella, nicely done. Your thoughts. I think that her tricks require such an amount of strength and coordination it's fantastic. Okay, no pressure, pickles. It's time. Let it rip. Okay, let's go. Get it, get it, get it. Put it in there in she stuffed it. Get it. Okay. Let's go. Push. Oh. Very nice. Not easy to do shopping cart and finally oh. She can pack herself. Special delivery from pickles. Sara, what do you say? So remember that cute card. I think we just saw it. We witnessed it. Young and smart playing the cute card but it is up to our audience now and our get it. Will it be Bella? Pretty good applause or will it be the fresh-faced pickles? Oh, my goodness, gracious. I want to say to you both they offered us two trophies but it is a dock eat dog world at the paw-lympics so there can only be one winner and today in this, the first day of competition, the winner is -- who is the winner? Bella! We're still working out the kinks, America. It's only day one of the paw-lympics. Here you go. Glaipgs to you. Give me five. I got a lick instead of we want 0 thank our friends at ultimate dog stunt show and don't miss more games tomorrow. Tomorrow is stunts, agility and then Thursday, the piece de resistance, talking dogs. We'll be right back on "Good

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"In the first-ever \"GMA\" Paw-Lympics, stunt dogs compete head to head. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28344362","title":"Ultimate Dog Tricks Performed by Stunt Dogs","url":"/GMA/video/ultimate-dog-tricks-performed-stunt-dogs-28344362"}