US General Killed in Afghan Camp Shooting

The attack occurred at Camp Qargha, a military academy in Kabul.
7:55 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for US General Killed in Afghan Camp Shooting
This isn't the. Good morning everyone for those of you just joining us I'm Amy robot can we have breaking news right now a deadly attack on US troops in Afghanistan. A man dressed in an Afghan army uniform opening fire earlier this morning in a so called insider attack. One American has been killed fifteen others NATO troops he believed were wounded in the attack it took place. And -- car got at the base west of the capital of Kabul. The basis is one year old and is considered the Afghan equivalent of West Point academy. The shooter we -- was killed and three Afghan army officers were also wounded in the attack. We want to head now to ABC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz who is joining us by phone more than we know you have been to Afghanistan several times. Tell us what you're hearing from your sources at this hour. A US official confirms to me Amy. Want them to Americans who was killed what that -- -- general a major general. In the US army. This is a report from a US official. Who would know the circumstances. This is of course. The highest ranking official. Ever killed in Afghanistan. And as far as I -- ever killed in Iraq as well. The last two star general who was killed was in Vietnam that was not under hostile circumstances he'd gotten a helicopter crash. That was major general George Casey senior his son went on to be chief of staff of the army but the reports we're getting now. From a US official -- that a two star general was killed in the attack. It would seem to -- that that general was probably targeted. Usually those generals are surrounded by personal security details and also when you are with Afghan troops you have what is called a guardian Angel. Other US troops looking out for each other just in case what of the attacks happened. Right because Martha -- has been referred to as a so called insider attack described what that means. That means an insider attack that it's called a green on blue its forces we are fighting where. Turn on -- and stabbed. This has happened numerous times and Afghanistan throughout the years certainly in Iraq as well. But mostly in Afghanistan it -- -- huge problems several years ago. I was over there at a time when there was an epidemic of those green on blue shooting. They have calmed down in recent months but that may well be because US forces -- out. In not in great numbers anymore there. And Martha you highlighted this this this general was the highest ranking member of the American military to die. In the conflict in Afghanistan talk about the significance. Of what has occurred today. Well when you lose a general officer -- that it is absolutely devastating certainly know life is worth more than any other life. -- to lose the general salute the commander is devastating to troops. And that -- general is probably someone in his sixteen. He has been in the army for very very long time probably knows so many people it -- so well those aren't that many it is truly devastating news -- -- -- indeed it is and I know Martha you'll continue. To follow your sources to get the latest information as to exactly what occurred on this base who want to turn now to ABC news consultant. Colonel Stephen -- -- and Stephen you Lionel as well can speak to the significance. Of the events of the day and the impact this will have on the military community. In terms of US response an -- and and troop morale as well over in Afghanistan. -- -- couple things to consider here to consider from the ice outside from the US side any form of trust between the Afghans in the US trainers has now been fully broken. This is obviously is -- alluded to a premeditated attack. They obviously picked out this general sounds like that there was a very senior Afghan. Military official also either killed or wounded as well so very deliberate act but it's gonna break that bond of trust which is so important in the training in environment. On the Afghan side probably an inside job set up by the Taliban it's a big propaganda coup for the proper that -- -- To say that look we've gotten a two star we were able infiltrate and that it's not too hard to be yet to be a traitor within the Afghan military. Colonel -- we appreciate that went ahead now to ABC chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl who -- at the White House. Right now -- Jonathan very little time for the White House to have an official response yet but surely that is coming. No doubt no official response yet -- but I have to say this is especially. Devastating because. The central. Is to have US trainers training up the Afghan army to take over for the United States that is our mission right now that is the US mission. Is to train Afghan troops. So to have. Somebody about was he reportedly dressed in the Afghan army uniform come and kill an American two star general. And we also know fifteen other NATO troops wounded in this attack we don't yet know how many of those are Americans. But to have a shooting like this happening at the center of the training academy that the United States is using to train Afghan troops to take over that mission. Is it is it truly devastating on many levels. Obviously on a personal level but also. On on a strategic level that is what's all our mission right now is in Afghanistan it is to train those troops part to train troops. With the book from from died for an army when you have a situation like this coming in such a devastating attack. Colonel -- speaking to the level of trust or or to their level of non trust at this point now Jonathan Karl we appreciate that we know you'll stay on -- it. When it turned back again to Martha Raddatz who has of course been getting the very latest from -- sources there on the ground having -- to Afghanistan several times and Martha I can only imagine what's happening on the ground right now in light of these recent developments the chaos -- say this is a massive training base just a year old. And now with this major general reportedly killed. In this horrific attack this morning. There -- those pictures we're looking at right now are out one of the training bases where they train. About the general troops in Afghanistan right into that base so many times and I know when I first started going there what -- the general in charge of training said the problem -- The troops can't read they can shoot. They have certainly improved over the years in literacy. And other training capabilities that place where this shooting occurred was for officers they were training officers. At the base where -- major general was reportedly killed. Today so that is a higher level. Still want to know everything possible about who that shooter was how this happened did he know. That major general why is going to visit that base today it -- somewhere else involved. This is absolute chaos -- they didn't know at first how many Americans were killed. There were early reports that I started hearing this morning that she's star was killed but they couldn't confirm that and now -- US official. Martha Raddatz reporting for us off from Washington thank you so much want to. We are going to return now to regular programming and in some parts of the country that is. Good Morning America of course you can expect a complete wrap up tonight on world news with Diane Sawyer and you can get the very latest any time at I mean -- robot in New York have a good day. This has been a special.

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