Video of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Reveals More Than Just A Handover

Former Marine Corps pilot Col. Steve Ganyard unravels the details of the rare videotape.
3:00 | 06/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Reveals More Than Just A Handover
I'm Martha Raddatz for on the radar for ABC news and Yahoo! News the release of -- bird doll. And the Taliban video showing that release is a fascinating look at how the US coordinated this. We talked to ABC consultant and former Marine Corps fighter pilot Steve -- about what he saw in that video. Steve let's just start out with as you watch this video what you're seeing. The fascinating to the scene is interesting because they put the -- -- in a valley in -- bowl -- -- mountains is that are surround the area with helicopters and touchdown. So that they can put Taliban up in the hills and be able to fire -- on -- helicopters in case the US does something that they don't. We also see the trucks themselves and you're thinking about -- dolls in the -- -- thing about him we see clear picture him. But if you look at the Taliban around that they're obviously in a fairly disciplined formation they know how to cover the angles where the helicopters can comment. Which -- looking -- and don't you think about what is he thinking at that point because he doesn't know that it's about race he does no country. If you think about all the things that tell -- and has done the executions over the years that they love the film. And then you have. Him watching being led out to a to an open area with people filming him and weapons. He could just as easily be thinking this point -- about to -- executed on film -- the tell. So you don't know he's thinking at that point in when he gets hold it's almost like his uncle talking to them. Meaning in the cap and talking to -- it's not the tell -- guys not pointing his weapon at him directly. He's leaning in sort of hi I'm uncle Joseph in a minute and tell you little bit here you better not come back to Afghanistan because next time you're -- -- get out alive. But if you watch and it's not terribly threatening. The Taliban reaches over and -- him fairly gently three times an arm like. You know I've been together for a long time I don't want to Killian next time you hear whenever things in his -- -- -- I think everybody who had lived through the Vietnam -- remembers Jeremiah Denton blinking out torture when he was being interviewed by the Vietnamese -- Morse code yes blinking -- the individual letters and of torture -- his eyes point. Watch -- what is he trying to say is he trying to do something. To me it's not clear at one point he seems he wiping away tear. And maybe that's at the point where is being told he's about to be released and when we watch the helicopters come in. And you see the Taliban with -- hand grenades and rifles. That helicopter passed around you see this modified Blackhawk helicopter come -- so yes it's an army helicopter but it's. It's modified if you look at the knows there's some capabilities and those that special. But it comes in and you and he watches it comment he watched -- land of dust settles and and they begin to approach to Telecom. Now fear the helicopter pilots and there -- probably not very comfortable you've got armed Taliban all around you up on the hills around you and you -- -- very very vulnerable position. At that moment at the Taliban opened fire and on that helicopter or helicopters around. There's really no -- no escaping your -- hypocrites up from the car you've got the white flag you can see several things in the video there were obviously negotiated because each side and hostage handover wants to do to have confidence building measures. So the hoods being up more than likely the US said -- because we don't wanna be able to come in on on some parked cars that could just be anybody. We want you to raise the hood of your of your vehicle so that's another signal that we've got the right area. I'm sure there are whole series of things that the Taliban the US went through to build enough confidence to say. I'm not gonna let you tricked me as we come into that -- the -- yes win. He walks up and tortured Americans -- -- to get it right so it's fascinating to watch these three Americans from. We still have some folks sitting in the helicopter. They couldn't watch and see the helicopter crews looking anxiously at the handover that's -- to take place. All three of them are in civilian garb so are they special forces are they CIA sort of unknown are all covered up. Yet -- the -- thing it to me as you watched him walk up to Taliban. Each of the men on the outside. Has their outside -- somethings in it. So on the far outside left. The guy in his right hand has something in his right hand and he does this shaking hands with with his left hand just as the individual on the right. Has something in his left -- chase for the right -- to needed the US went to great lengths to make sure that nothing would go wrong here that would be no way that the television could could trip them. What one thing the bad he's carrying a -- -- little a plastic bag with -- on it. But they don't really look at. The real key here in the real worry and what you see early in the film is. That the -- US individual puts his hand around bird dolls back and runs it down his back. Now that's not a friendly gesture what he's doing is looking for suicide best he's looking for bombs -- for wires something that would that would would potentially make. -- -- human -- I'd sure that there was a real concern about. Having television turn -- or perhaps they could have turned it into a suicide bomber or threaten and -- said we don't need you to blow yourself up in this helicopter we don't know what is what is. What really has gone on in these five years and so that initial pat down to make sure we're gonna -- and make sure that we don't feel anything on his body right now. And then they walk -- back towards the helicopter. He -- to outside Americans continue to face the Taliban all the senator American escorts for adult -- When he gets the -- -- the helicopter the begin a much more thorough pat down check the inside his legs the outside of his legs. All around this -- enough to say okay we're pretty sure the hasn't had anything it's obvious -- could bring them. And then they all pile into the -- -- -- -- we get that kind of. That's it for on the radar for ABC news in Yahoo! News I'm Martha Raddatz have a great day.

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{"id":23999316,"title":"Video of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Reveals More Than Just A Handover","duration":"3:00","description":"Former Marine Corps pilot Col. Steve Ganyard unravels the details of the rare videotape.","url":"/GMA/video/video-sgt-bowe-bergdahl-reveals-handover-23999316","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}