Backstage at the VMAs With Ciara

Go behind-the-scenes with the MTV Video Music Award nominee for best choreography. For More:
3:00 | 08/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backstage at the VMAs With Ciara
In -- state I think to the amazement Sierras -- big night for her as well nominated for best choreography. Purse snatching body party -- new albums yeah give us. And -- -- behind the scenes look at her big. Good Morning America I'm seeking. In my hands and get an exclusive behind the scenes -- Okay. They'll never excited -- since it couldn't. Atlanta Sunday gotten. It's all about hockey -- it's all about -- at that time and really they vote for the nominee season which Lieberman those. I'm just happy the pardon -- this kind of -- a -- -- -- may lessen pain free this morning. And not decent -- carefree fun mock funeral and a team. I have and they need to I think -- had a good -- to maintain my lips. And then on how to for when he starts letting them and keep -- really is money that's all -- -- I didn't want my eyes and why this Jackson I'm -- it's my swing dance. It's like they've addressed to my time -- always had my eyes and an -- -- the right time -- so. -- and I need for the Viennese it would only felt like justice be aware where it something except that -- It's changing amazing hang and that -- -- black raised -- Viennese. And we -- -- make it on time. And good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't mind. I TV it's. Yeah. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- What a great moments less -- we also asked everybody what was their favorite DNA moment of all time any guesses. I'm -- I've read a teleprompter but I can literally got. I'm glad -- did you love Taylor Smith claiming he makes fun I was an English okay and when you can't forget you. -- people talk about. -- -- -- it doesn't surprise me not the greatest market.

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{"id":20068243,"title":"Backstage at the VMAs With Ciara","duration":"3:00","description":"Go behind-the-scenes with the MTV Video Music Award nominee for best choreography. For More:","url":"/GMA/video/vma-2013-ciara-takes-backstage-mtv-video-music-20068243","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}