Watch Dustin Hoffman Make Out With Dame Judi Dench

ABC News' Ryan Smith has the latest in the "Pop News" midday buzz.
3:00 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Watch Dustin Hoffman Make Out With Dame Judi Dench
Good afternoon I'm Ryan Smith a near the top five stories buzzing online right now. Five how this for a celebrity's swoops best. That's an often seize the opportunity to plan a big kiss a dame Judy did during a recent interview on BBC's Graham Norton show. Acting legends and fellow guest Jason Bateman and Oliver were discussing this care of the ball games when the moment presented itself. To accumulate a Bollywood music directors before I have hit that yes seeking rides yet nobody. Oh yeah. Nice one a lot more than kiss them check him out. Dustin Hoffman wasted no time and having enough for the care. I think it at number four Meryl Streep is sending parts of water everywhere she goes. Or she found out she's got one heck of a not so secret admirer. President Obama himself confessed a full blown fan boy crush of Oscar winner of -- her with the presidential medal of freedom on Monday. Take a listen. I loved Merrill street I love her. Her husband over lover. Michelle Novell over the can do about it. World Mr. President. I think probably the highest form of flattery there is seeing how it's coming from those powerful man in the nation. But that's not all apparently street. Almost suffered a nasty spill on the into the woods set to. Well cast member jade court recently revealed that the fact this is Gil got caught her dress while filming its steel wheels plummeted backwards on to a head. But leave it to Emily Blunt though. Who by the way was pregnant at the time to come to the rescue that's right the mom to be leapt forward to eat at Merrill street. Saving her from the ultimate damsel in distress moment. And saving Oscars. Terrible law. Our at number three well there have been so many rumors over the years about friends reunion but it seems there of one minute just one who's actually doing something about it. Jimmy Kimmel states is second friends catch up last night the united Jennifer Aniston and there is feeding herself beat the Kudrow. We're a game of celebrity curse off. Did he acted as judge on what with a loud and unfortunately Lisa who out of work but. Quite. Fickle. Lose about deal. I'm I'm Sam can't. Isn't it. I'm sorry that is not a personality. Let me go to war are setting a brightness values not Nancy in his. His aides not believable the airport not a person pleasing to drive started Jennifer Aniston and. Let's fix that parents. Know that occur from ABC. Talking graduate for the foul mouthed friends. Having it at number two Chris had where it might be the sexiest man alive but there is someone. Think to upstage him. Isn't poppy off. Hemsworth white posted this photo of the new family that on its program with the caption who could've said no. I agree only the war would have seen him superhuman strength to say go to battle faith. Well finally coming in at number one. But with a dog just won't do take a look at this baby named daisy was of hats off. Apparently the pair that best friend since birth here they are just lounging around together like sloth and babies do and this is what they do best. Tonight wolf hello cushion the parents say they're unlikely friends are inseparable they often Wear the same color flour and then and there air. When it from the family also owns a packing the room and writes children's books about their pets to educate kids about the environment. Perhaps at the rate to placate my twins I'd say maybe months law. But these are definitive the more GMA or pop news tomorrow for ABC news summarize that the New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Ryan Smith has the latest in the \"Pop News\" midday buzz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27177608","title":"Watch Dustin Hoffman Make Out With Dame Judi Dench","url":"/GMA/video/watch-dustin-hoffman-make-dame-judi-dench-27177608"}