Weinstein, O'Reilly sexual misconduct scandals grow

The New York attorney general is now investigating whether Harvey Weinstein's company violated civil and human rights laws while Bill O'Reilly fights back after a $32 million settlement was made public.
3:21 | 10/24/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Weinstein, O'Reilly sexual misconduct scandals grow
We are back with the latest on that Harvey Weinstein scandal. Mgm Dail and George Clooney made headlines with Michael yesterday as Hollywood starts to band together to fight this. Law enforcement also taking a look at multiple companies and, Amy, this is really spreading with new revelations also about Bill O'Reilly and a focus on N nondisclosure agreements. New York's top prosecutor is looking into whether the Weinstein company violated civil and human right laws by using N nondisclosure agreements to handle harassment allegations and, yes, as reports come out about Bill O'Reilly's settlement, well, he is fighting back. This morning, Bill O'Reilly is firing back against a "New York Times" report that he settled a sexual harassment claim from Knox news legal analyst lis wiehl for a staggering $32 million. The former TV host speaking out overnight on his online radio show "No spin news". Am I mad at god? Yeah, I'm mad at him. I wish I had more protection. I wish this stuff didn't happen. I can't explain it to you. Yeah, I'm mad at him. Reporter: O'Reilly telling the conservative radio host glenmorangie beck the damning reports meant to silence him. The end game is let's link O'Reilly with Harvey Weinstein. Let's make him that. All right, so we take him out of the marketplace forever. He never gets to give his opinion on issues again Burton are you wiehl is sworn to silence. O'Reilly paying out the massive settlement in exchange for a N nondisclosure agreement from wiehl in January. It's to protect both parties. Protect the company from disparaging comments by the employee and also to protect the employee or the former employee from disparaging comments that might be made by ex-boss or supervisor. Reporter: Harvey Weinstein's namesake business is taking a hit for settlements requiring a N nondisclosure agreement as the accusations of sexual harassment and abuse against the movie mogul pile up with nearly 60 women coming forward. Former Weinstein assistant Zelda Perkins saying her boss would ask for massage, walk around naked and try to pull her into his bed. She purposely broke the agreement she signed telling the newspaper unless somebody does this, there won't be a debate about how's greerjs these agreements are and the amount of duress victims are put under. New York's attorney general launching a civil rights investigation into the Weinstein company subpoenaing all documents relating to sexual harassment complaints. The attorney general's office telling ABC news, no one should be forced to balk into a workplace ruled by sexual intimidation, harassment or fear. Claims of sexual harassment carry the possibility of punitive damages. Somebody as wealthy as Mr. Weinstein those numbers can be very large. Now, George, several employees at the Weinstein company are being -- are asking to be released from those N nondisclosure agreements that they can detail the harassment they say they suffered at that company. That puts them in a tough spot. A lot more will come forward with details if they choose to do so. Something coming up on "Gma," Diane sawyer will sit down with Ashley Judd. Her first television interview since she went public with those allegations against Harvey Weinstein. As you remember she was one of the first to come forward. You can see the interview Thursday right here on "Gma." Robin.

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{"id":50676677,"title":"Weinstein, O'Reilly sexual misconduct scandals grow","duration":"3:21","description":"The New York attorney general is now investigating whether Harvey Weinstein's company violated civil and human rights laws while Bill O'Reilly fights back after a $32 million settlement was made public.","url":"/GMA/video/weinstein-oreilly-sexual-misconduct-scandals-grow-50676677","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}