Couple Accused of Claiming Welfare to Fund Lavish Lifestyle

Andrea and Colin Chisholm are accused of fraud, spending tens of thousands in public assistance money.
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple Accused of Claiming Welfare to Fund Lavish Lifestyle
We turn to an outrageous scam. A Minnesota couple on the run accused of taking thousands of dollars in U.S. Assistance to fund their lavish live tile. The couple spent tense of thousands of public assistance money on spa ma saunls. Experts say this is likely not the only fraud they've committed. Andrea and colin Chisholm call themselves lord and lady. How do you suddenly create yourself as a lord? Maybe they're watching "Downton abbey" too much. Reporter: Though they lived a high life, Minnesota authorities say they collected close to $170,000 in welfare, medical assistance, and food stamps over a seven-year period. Mr. Chisholm, in particular is a con man of the first order. He claimed he was a scottish heir. Reporter: This morning, the self-proclaimed Royals are on the run with their 7-year-old sun. We believe they're outside the United States some place where it's warm. I think we'll be able to figure out where they are because of certain trails. Money trails. Bank accounts. When you lead a life of fraud, you make mistakes. Reporter: According to court documents, these alleged fraudsters received benefits from two states. Minnesota and then Florida. For about a year, 3w0e9 staboth states at the same time. They started receiving public assistance in 2005 after claim that lived with Andrea's mom in Minneapolis. Their home was actually this $1.2 million yacht in Florida. At one point, they claimed only $80 in their name. The criminal investigation shows they spend $23,000 for plane tickets, cell phone bills and fine dining in just one month. Authorities are determined to make them pay up in a didn't way. These rich folks ripped off the system. And I will assure you that this office is going to do every darn thing we can to make sure these people do hard time. Reporter: Now, I spoke with Chisholm's ex-wife who says he was always a good salesperson. They have not responded to the charges because nobody can find them. Weather from ginger. You're ready for opening day.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Andrea and Colin Chisholm are accused of fraud, spending tens of thousands in public assistance money.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23124797","title":"Couple Accused of Claiming Welfare to Fund Lavish Lifestyle","url":"/GMA/video/welfare-fraud-couple-accused-spending-tens-thousands-lavish-23124797"}