'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Stung by Pronunciation

Popular game show has taken heat from fans who say judges were too harsh with their ruling.
3:30 | 12/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Stung by Pronunciation
fortune" is in hot what they are morning. The legions of viewers are crying foul after a contestant lost because of the way she pronounced a word. John muller is here with the details. Reporter: She has every right to be bitter, but she's not. Renee becoming a national sensation. The scrooges in this case, the judges on the game show "wheel of fortune." Many say she was robbed of thousands of dollars because of a pronunciation technicality. 300. "S." Yeah, four of them. All right. Reporter: Here it is one more time. "N." THREE "Ns." Reporter: Renee is up. Seven swans a swimming. I would like to solve. Seven swans a swimmin'. That's not the -- swimming. Let's go to the instant replay one more time. And there's a "g." I would like to solve. Yep. Seven swans a swimmin' -- yeah, that's -- swimming. Can't accept that. I'm from florida. I think regionally, everybody has a little bit of their own, someone from new england will have a different type of speech than I do, being in the south. Reporter: Renee's been classy to the end. But the fans are angry. Shame on you, wheel of fortune, to rob that lovely military woman on that technicality. Sorry america, frigin' and frigging are two different words with two distinct pronunciations. This couple lost $800,000. On abc's "who wants to be a millionaire jts this guy lost when he guessed lake huron was the second biggest great lake. He was right. He was brought back and took home over $100,000. ? Is the wheel case, the word swimmin' was judged to be vernacular. It wasn't his decision. It was the judges'. That was fine. Reporter: I'm glad that that lady is in good spirits and had a wonderful experience. Enjoy it. Have fun. Share some laughs. Meet some people. Reporter: We continue to reach out to the show for comment. Even scrooge got a second chance on christmas eve. Many are hoping renee night get a too-over. I'min' and prayin'. Wheel of fortune. Give her the money, not a second chance. Pay her the money. She's a better woman than i. Just because she's a little southern, she shouldn't be penalized for that. It's like good mornin', america. She had the "g" on the board!

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{"id":18054571,"title":"'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Stung by Pronunciation","duration":"3:30","description":"Popular game show has taken heat from fans who say judges were too harsh with their ruling.","url":"/GMA/video/wheel-fortune-contestant-stung-pronunciation-game-show-takes-18054571","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}