Woman Beats Tough 'Wheel of Fortune' Odds, Wins Million

Autumn Erhard discusses learning she'd won $1 million on long-running game show.
4:06 | 06/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Beats Tough 'Wheel of Fortune' Odds, Wins Million
Look at that smile. To the secrets of the wheel with lara. Thank you, george. The million-dollar winner. On "wheel of fortune." Her name, autumn. She beat the odds to win the million dollars. Let's look at the life-changing moment. This looks challenging. Thing is the subject. You're a good player. Talk it out. You never know. Tough workout. What? I'm very impressed. Let me look, let me look. We have a million-dollar winner. Autumn, you've hit the jackpot with $1 million! Get in there. Here he is, t-- she is, the brand-new millionaire. I cannot believe they told you it's a thing and you guested tough workout. Yeah, I mean, lucky, I had the wild card to give me the "g." I knew it was tough. I was like, what could be tough, what could be tough? A workout. ? You had to keep it a secret. You knew how long? About 3 1/2 months. It took time between when you taped and when it aired. Did they tell you how many times it happened before? One other time. In the whole 30 years. What went through your mind? I felt like I was in a dream. I felt like I blacked out. Having to keep it a secret. You were there with your parents and fiance. Joey. We got together sundays for dinner and be able , you know, talk about, let it out. It was good. Now life goes on in a different direction. You're going to be famous for a long time. A show with an awful lot of history. You're only the second person to have done it. An awful lot of stuff that happens. What about the future? I did just get engaged. That will be some wedding. It helps with the wedding planning. A lot less stress. We want to travel a little bit and do that and just kind of prepare for life. Kids. Enjoy the moment. Maybe not so many tough workouts. We want to ask you for tips. Let's play, we don't have a spinner. We're going to touch the board. We have a phrase here. And you'll help the team guess. Sam, would you mind? Sure. I don't mind. Just a letter will appear? You and I will be vanna white. This is a phrase. No wild cards. Can I get a "g"? An a. Oh, there's an "m." It's blank, blank, blank, blank. "A." There we go. "E," can we get an "e"? "I." Do we have an "i" from behind the wheel, the board? Are they doing what -- they're buying the vowels. Using them. That will help. Make sure you use the category. Can I get a hint? Can I buy a hint? I won a million. Yes! We're a lot worse at this than she is. You guys did awesome. Thank you, autumn. Thank you for enduring that painful puzzle. I am -- it would be a two-hour show if we had to guess. Two, two.

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{"id":19312328,"title":"Woman Beats Tough 'Wheel of Fortune' Odds, Wins Million","duration":"4:06","description":"Autumn Erhard discusses learning she'd won $1 million on long-running game show.","url":"/GMA/video/wheel-fortune-million-dollar-winner-woman-beats-tough-19312328","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}